A Reason To Live

Yes we all are young, and we all seem to think that life is short and the most I get out of it the better. Yes life is short and we should all look to get the most out of life but the motive behind your action counts. Don’t take advantage of a friend because he/she is desperate for a favor. Don’t waste your youth on sexual adventures when you can easily be using that energy to bless a soul! Be you a muslim or a christian, have it at the back of your mind that you will answer to a greater being one day! Life is short so ensure that your limited time is spent fruitfully! Go out today and make a colleague or co-worker smile, say hello to that girl that is always ignored at school! You can change someones’ life situation today! Its in you already! You don’t need to have money to help someone, a Hug can and will make a difference. Your life should centre on how the people around you and in your circle of influence can have a better life and not just you alone. What goes round comes round, if you bless someone, someone will bless you, #nojoke. The world will be a better place if we can just look out for our neighbours, someone will look out for you too. The events in the Middle-east lately has shown us that a people united, can achieve so much, we can too as well, plus we have a better backing than they do: GOD. Let’s help one another, God has commanded us to, so don’t renege on your duties! Remain blessed and be fruitful.

P.S. This is my first blog. I will get better.


2 responses to “A Reason To Live

  1. Femi even though this is your first blog, it is thoughtful and I personally find it quite inspiring. More of the same ideas please 🙂

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