The Cycle Of Life



Now this is a post that will and should get everybody talking. What is life?
Is it just waking up everyday knowing that your lungs are going to automatically suck in air and you will live. Or is it actually knowing the exact reasons why you breathe, what purpose you are here on earth for and actually going out to achieve that.
There will always be two sides to a story, and life isn’t any different, you cannot expect to have everything in it so you either see it has half-full or half-empty. Growing up in a country like ours where as kids you are just to obey everything your parents say and anyone not really expecting you to challenge these views (because if you do, you are seen as a ‘rebel’ or someone who wasn’t brought up well) it really meant most of us i.e. the non-rebels were brought up in a stereotyped way and when we met in schools our ideologies on life were more or less the same. In primary school we watched d same programs, probably liked the same clothes and shoes and on and on like that. In the cycle of life the next stage was secondary school and many of us had our ‘eyes’ opened and started to develop ourselves in a way that was different from what had been taught in our different homes. If you look back on it, you will notice that it was at this stage your folks started saying things like: femi you were not always like this or my mums classic, o kin se omo bai tele. You noticed that you didn’t have to be alike to everyone in your school,you developed your own taste for life and you slowly but assuredly bagan to fell comfortable with who you were becoming. Its at this stage likes and interests really take place and you know whether you are going to be a girl-next-door or a party starter or you are gonna be that cool dude that lives down the road or that crazy young man.
Subconsciously you start to do things in line with this observation and work your way up the ladder of life to ensure that this thing comes to pass, the problem is that it’s at this stage that the purpose of your life should become a little clearer but unfortunately for some, its lost amidst a cloud of vices that come with this age and becomes a needle in a haystack. And honestly speaking it takes honesty and grace to admit that you have lost it because most times you don’t even know its gone and even when you do, pride sets in and you just drag yourself on in life.
In life your next stage is the post-secondary one which can either mean A’ levels and university for some or a career immediately for another. Whatever the case, a person can no longer be bullied onto doing what he or she doesn’t want to do and has rightfully become his own man or her own woman(no sexism allowed here), now whether this cause is a worthy cause or not remains to be addressed but at this stage, most parents withdraw to either praying for this kids or talking to people to talk to this kids to help them see reason in their decisions. But hey it is what it is.
Many people reading this blog have long since passed all these stages and are either working, married or about to finish school. Do not think its too late to find your own purpose in life, because there is no pont having the best job in the world if you are not happy or the finest wife in the world if she wasn’t meant for you. One day of living in line with the plan of God is better than a Thousand years of living outside it. Your parents will not always be right, but listen to them at all times and pick your moments in telling them when you think they are wrong and be gracious to acknowledge when they are right. They do have some experience and its only biblical (quranical) to listen to them and pick out useful information from whatever it is they tell you. You will also become a parent one day and am sure you will want your kids to listen to you as well so pay your dues to your parents. Life is not a bed of roses, but its not a ring of thorns either.. Always see it as half-full, i.e some value can always be added and you will do just fine in LIFE. Run your race well. Till my next blog… Cheers

whats your plan

i was brought up to  believe that if any one was even a day older than i am then i have to respect that person, and i am pretty sure any nigerian kid reading this knows this all too well. but one day i learnt something(lets say God taught me something): respect is a purely individualistic action. hold on, hold on i will explain what that means.

It is very correct to have respect for people older than you but respect is not deserved, it is earned. we are a lot smarter now and surely we know a lot better than sorry to say some parents and some “norms” that have been passed from generation to generation. A mentor once told me: femi it is your duty to greet an older one and his choice to answer you, but you go on greeting no matter what. Showing respect to someone is totally different from having respect for someone. when you have respect for someone its a sign that the persons’ character has impressed you over the years and subconsciously you are just in awe of the person, but showing respect to someone sounds like a compulsion to me. So its purely individualistic because you choose how you want to treat people regardless of their age, your parents driver might be years older than you but don’t get any respect because of the position they are in, get it?

You might ask me what all this has to do with a plan, i ask what your plan is for the future? how do you want to be treated by your peers and juniors in the not too distant future. the way people will look at you in the future depends on what you do to older ones today, its like karma(which i don’t believe in). you just cant be a rude child and expect everyone to respect you, remember you earn it; by your deeds today and onwards. i wish to emphasize that we the youths have way too much potential to right the wrongs of our fore-fathers and have better relationships with children and younger ones and not pushing them away! but it comes with a price and a plan! WHATS YOURS?


One day at a time!!

Hey, have u ever wondered what it will be like to wake-up to a world without worries and fear. Your guess is as good as mine, very hard! But something strikes me so much about youth of nowadays, while in school and just before you graduate, you really wake up and the only worry you have is what to wear, what to eat and what class you want to stab for the day! For some of us its just before we graduate that we start to think of our futures and careers and family! Now trust me, this isn’t reeealllly a bad thing cause God wants you to enjoy your youth and really I expect a 17yr old to do what a 17yr old should do (now what that is, you decide *wink*) but with time one is expected to mature and start being responsible for himself and being someone close friends see as trustworthy!! One key thing that helps this is not being afraid and having worries! Plan for your tomorrow but essentially live your life ‘one day at a time’. Wake-up everyday and look to be the best you can be that day!! When you look at tomorrow and it looks soo bleak it can cause you to be unproductive today! Not saying you shouldn’t look ahead in life but take pleasure in your today and as long as you do today right, your tomorrow will be just alright. You are of no use to your co-workers or colleagues in school all worried and grumpy, better yet, you are of no use to yourself! Live one day at a time, one step at a time!!
Remember, you have got it in you to make a change in your atmosphere of influence, but that too is a step at a time!! God bless you!!