whats your plan

i was brought up to  believe that if any one was even a day older than i am then i have to respect that person, and i am pretty sure any nigerian kid reading this knows this all too well. but one day i learnt something(lets say God taught me something): respect is a purely individualistic action. hold on, hold on i will explain what that means.

It is very correct to have respect for people older than you but respect is not deserved, it is earned. we are a lot smarter now and surely we know a lot better than sorry to say some parents and some “norms” that have been passed from generation to generation. A mentor once told me: femi it is your duty to greet an older one and his choice to answer you, but you go on greeting no matter what. Showing respect to someone is totally different from having respect for someone. when you have respect for someone its a sign that the persons’ character has impressed you over the years and subconsciously you are just in awe of the person, but showing respect to someone sounds like a compulsion to me. So its purely individualistic because you choose how you want to treat people regardless of their age, your parents driver might be years older than you but don’t get any respect because of the position they are in, get it?

You might ask me what all this has to do with a plan, i ask what your plan is for the future? how do you want to be treated by your peers and juniors in the not too distant future. the way people will look at you in the future depends on what you do to older ones today, its like karma(which i don’t believe in). you just cant be a rude child and expect everyone to respect you, remember you earn it; by your deeds today and onwards. i wish to emphasize that we the youths have way too much potential to right the wrongs of our fore-fathers and have better relationships with children and younger ones and not pushing them away! but it comes with a price and a plan! WHATS YOURS?



11 responses to “whats your plan

    • I have a kid brother,
      Whenever I hang with him and his friends, I can pass along as a friend, not as that distant old brother a lot of older siblings end up being. We’re close and we’re in touch!

      I don’t think respect is necessarily viewing an individual in awe and god-like adulation (although that’s the dictionary stereotype), to me, I prefer to gain trust, the type that comes from a real connection not the deference that comes from a positional distance.

      • Banky good point and being in awe also comes from personal connections, I said the person impressing you with character! So #thatsaboutthat! Learn your dougie asap. You old UTUNU!! Heehee

  1. I can’t seriously get enough of your Blog……. Respect is reciprocal for me. Even if its a baby, give each individual its due respect. Its not how well you prostrate or how you don’t put Ma or Sir, Aunt or Uncle, etc. Its how we are made to feel or how we make that person to feel. And yeah, you can either show respect or have respect, its like seeing ur boss, u greet him so well but at his back you give the *YIMU* sign. I say thats a typical example of showing respect but not having respect for your Boss.
    For me, I so totally and utterly believe in law of Karma. What you sew is what you shall reap. the reaping part won’t necessarily come the way you sewed it, it always comes in another form.

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