The concept Of kissing: Recap

I named it the concept of kissing for a reason. It will get people reading and I get to see where y’all are coming from, no way was I gonna be talking about how to tilt your head, whether to go 30 n let the guy come 70. Hian, hollywood has done that already. 😛
At the end of the day, the post was just my concept and rationale behind the place for kissing and physical intimacy in a relationship. You did not have to agree with me but I just shared my thoughts.
Let me say this, the decision to go on the ‘diet’ wasn’t a one sided one as the woman in question was thinking along the same lines so unlike what many think, I wasn’t being wicked and wasn’t depriving a ‘needy’ person. I was just sick and tired of all that.
It was very intimate in its own way, but I just didn’t get physical. Why is this so hard to comprehend? We cannot all be the same and that was just me exploring new sides to me.
I said whether or not my next get some we will wait and see: that means I more than likely will but I know the place it has in relationships and won’t be doing it to ‘keep up with appearances’.

Anyway I just let this out to clear the air and let it be known that I’m perfectly normal and healthy. 😀

Check back in a couple of hours for ‘The Good Spouse’. It should be a good read. Cheers


3 responses to “The concept Of kissing: Recap

  1. Bule, i really appreciate your thoughts;dressings indeed,can be taken from them! However much i tried to imagine sex outside wedlock,the level of intimacy notwithstanding,i always conclude it is wrong and worse still,it is as though,a cheat on my spouse eventhough she is yet to be! As for kissing-whatever type you indulge-i think the motive behind it,frequency and the contextual factor(s) can actually decipher what the subsequent act would be. But importantly,it could be a very assertive way of showing appreciation to a kind friend…once i had it(sometime last year with a very saturated, kind friend),it almost culminated in what would have been my first sex. Well,i am happy it didn’t,eventhough that memory remains ever fresh in the mind and the emotions still feelable. Overall,everyone has a tale to tell about his/her belief about the subject and whether they suit us or not,we’ve got to respect their opinion. Good work bule…thumbs up!

  2. Its a piece…
    I think u should take it futher.
    The next experience surely would leave u stagering as u devore d diet.
    I must confess u r a normal MALE

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