The Bad Spouse

Part 1: The Tale Of The Boys.

” Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die – FELA(or somebody like that sha).”

“Every man wants to play around but no one wants to marry a H*E – @bule_jr :p

Don’t be scared, I won’t go too far with the ‘diet’ yarns today(by the way if you don’t know what the diet is, Check the last post(s).

Today we talk about the guys so ladies enjoy and diss us while you can because in the second part, we will deal with your own side to the story.

Ever heard the statement: “I play around a bit but this girl(referring to a decent homely girl) is wife material, I DON’T mess around with her?” Β«—- This has got the be the dumbest thing I have heard guys say. To make it worse they say as soon as I marry, I won’t play ‘away games’ any longer. Like Really????

You mysteriously believe that once you put a ring on your finger and get married, all the girls will suddenly become unattractive to you? I don’t think so infact research shows the opposite even happens and guys become more attractive to girls. Ladies am I right?

In defense though, a girl told me she feels that boys were made to cheat on girls. #pause. I didn’t make that up. She said she had accepted it and gave her boyfriend room to play around as long as ‘HE CAME HOME’. Huh? I felt for her really. And I asked her why she had to put up with such crap but her reply in a nutshell was,”she loved him and he took care of all her needs”. Ok. Safe to say, the boy enjoyed his ‘freedom’ a whole lot without a care in the world.

If all guys play around like this, ladies, where will your dream husband come from? Mars?

I feel if you want to have a wife material, you should be husband material as well. To expect something good from a girl, I just feel you should be decent as well.

I’m a guy as well but I have asked this question: a guy sleeps around and he is seen as a bad guy, but a girl does this and she is brandished with all sort of names. Why? Please someone tell me Why?
Anyway, years ago, I started putting all in the same bracket, your gender definitely offers no immunity on this one.

Plus as christians and if I’m not wrong, muslims as well,we all agree that sex before marriage is a sin, right? So why is a ‘diet’ such a bad idea? Ok I allow for a little physical intimacy :D, I really just shared my thoughts last time out but the ‘whole ten yards’?
*please don’t batter me today, I’m just sharing my opinions*

All I’m saying is the least you owe someone you are in an exclusive relationship with is to be faithful, not easy I know but guys, C’man we have to try.

I know no one is perfect and not everyone will agree with what’s up here but talking about spouses(barring physical outlook), things like honesty, trustworthiness , loving, God-fearing e.t.c should be on all our lists right? No? *sigh*

Someone(much older) told me recently that relationships are no longer what they used to be and the purpose for which they were meant for has been lost in our generation. I flipped and defended ‘US’ but that was just a reflex action and he had a point, a valid one. 😦

We have to help ourselves and just be good boys, like our parents taught us :D, except you want to be ignorant, not all girls out there are bad and H*ES(I hate this word), and the least they deserve is a good guy. Can I get an ‘AMEN’ ladies?

But the question is are there any good spouses? Or just ‘manageable’ bad ones?


13 responses to “The Bad Spouse

  1. nice, just want to say in defense of the girl who gave her guy space to play as long as he came home. well she has hit a realization of the ills of mans behavior, you being sorry for her is you still being in the ‘dark’. many marriages are like that these days.

  2. Actually that double-standard where a guy that sleeps around is lauded and a girl who does the same is vilified is something that is a societal norm, I doubt that can ever change but any girl who allows her man to play “away” games as long as he “comes home” is plain delusional. That aside, nice article as always.

  3. So, we are in a sense talking abt chivalry. Femi, c’mon man…chivalry is dead, i feel the word should be removed from the dick-tionary. u knw me, no decent relationship to hold on to and no cause for alarm yet*…am working on that. but if i have a girlfriend and nothing comes in…well at ma age i feel i deserve some action. A girl goes behind and says, “that guy doesnt touch me, he is too nice…or he wants too much, he’s a horse”. Females (and am not a chauvinist at all, i respect ladies) are like CUSTOMERS, no matter what you do…you cannot satisfy them. But looking at the big picture, the world lacks trust and this doesn’t make it easy for decent people to know what other people want. You know, I pray you find that almost perfect girl Femi. But for me i don’t know whether I will cheat on my wife but I do know i haven’t cheated on any girl i ave had. So, chivalry is almost DEAD.

  4. Hmmmnn lemme jst state 4 d record that d …said babe is not in 4 a longterm thing and some point will get out

  5. Wow…d@ chick who gave him a license to roam doesn’t have any self confidence in herself and is one of the reasons y females r in dis position. She is much more better than that but hasn’t even realised it so I don’t blame d guy, I blame her cus no man wil respect ur body and emotions as a female unless u respect urself first…and by that I don’t mean sleeping around. I mean knowing ur worth that yes u don’t deserve to have a cheating guy and watch it happen and sit der like he’s d best thing since sliced bread…like there’s no better??? As for d issue of men cheating…I don’t get d deal with men and cheating…but I do know The truth is d@ if a man cheats on u he doesn’t respect u whatsoever…if nothing u share in your relationship comes to his memory b4 he does the deed, then you are as useless to him as d chick he’s doing behind your back. its a pity women don’t know their worth and position bcus they give all there power to men the day they settle for less

  6. Yes,this #Famzing and this aint no famzing as well,but it’s difficult for me to ignore the truth when it’s spoken…Femi was on point with this like he’s been in other blog post…if I’ll summarise what he said in this post,
    I do believe HONESTY is KEY! Have seen 2 pastors get married and they split after few years, and have seen two *fcking drunkards get married and they’ve had a blissful marriage, be truthful to your potential partner even b4 tieing the nuptial knots and all would be well!

  7. Wow,preety intrestn candid thoughts you have put down here,sorry to say bt its a mans world,although that aint da right to be a dog,remembering those words….atleast he provides all her needs,that’s one of the greedy traits that has been in these generation of young ladies,the thought alone is making me think of gathern up such minds and teaching them a very good lesson…its a mans world where vareity is da spice of life…am not here to promote man`s dirty wild spree but hey..its ma race..funny enough till the death of me…not like women are any better

  8. I won’t pretend to have it all figured out. Cheating or no. That’s not all there is to marriage.

    That’s all we young ones see. Cheating or no.

    The survival of a lifetime commitment is attacked by many other factors. Cheating is just one of them. Ancestral marriages thrived in the midst of a non-monogamous sexual culture.

    Take it easy on the sex.

  9. Hahaha! Amen to that o! I agree with the ‘diet’ w/ a side of physical contact (which includes kissing lol). The whole nine yards is something that should be kept special. Even if it has already been done, a diet can begin at anytime.

    I agree with the relationship concept being lost in our generation. However, it is not necessarily lost to everyone. Some kids still get it right. πŸ™‚

    All that rubbish talk that guys do about being honest when the ring comes is BS. If u no fit hold body before, y u go hol’ am now? lol It is even more irritating when they start lying about having eyes for only you. Girls are not stuck on stupid, they understand that they are not the most beautiful in the world cos even ppl deemed the ‘most beautiful’ still get cheated on. All we really ask it that u have the sense, decency and God-fearing nature to walk away from such temptation. Chikena lol… πŸ™‚

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