Lets Just Be friends.

Ever had a Girl tell you those four words? Err…..No i’m not talking about “Femi, I Love You”. yes that has actually been said but that is not why we are here. I Am talking about  “Let’s Just Be Friends.”

Most times it goes thus.

You meet a girl and initially its genuinely platonic and you talk every now and then and have the occasional hangout.

Just normal as per guys no wan fall hand.

But with time you realise that you talk everyday and subconsciously you are always planning how to see her often and arrange ‘P’.

At this time, you are still in denial that she is just a friend. When quizzed by your friends you claim that there is nothing more to it, but anytime you see her there is just that awry smile on your face, yeah you are not in love but you are smitten by her.(bless your soul)

Then you realise whats going on but most times its always too late as you are in way too deep and you now decide to make the ‘P’ official.

Thing is many babes dun open eye now and  if you are not upfront and direct from the off they just think you are a shareful(no pun intended) giver and just tag along for the free rides. And really i can’t blame them. Or can you?

Its unofficially written, Guys are allowed to be h*es and girls are allowed to milk guys. As long as no physical interaction a girl wont see anything wrong and just carry on.

Before any girl kills me, boys are also guilty of this and after getting down with a girl a couple of times and whether for insecurity issues or for clarification purpose she asks “what are we doing”?. The guy says i thought we were just having fun and i’m not ready for anything serious. This happened to a close family member so yeah its no hypothesis.

Anyway, these four words can also be a positive depending on how one chooses to view his glass.

It saves from expending resources, emotions and time and always means you can come back later on and try again. Right? NO? in fact i am lost myself.

Why is it so hard to hang out with someone new for a while without just beginning to develop feelings for the person.

Why is remaining friends with someone cool just down right hard?

Why do we often like people that most times we just cannot get into a relationship with?

Why do cool people at times fall out of our reach?

Why does being friends have the be our only option?

At times we want more than that.

But thats just the pride in us talking.

In the end it might be whats best for us and we know it.

But we cant shake off the “what if”?


WE might not like it but we accept: “Lets Just be friends.”


21 responses to “Lets Just Be friends.

  1. I consider those words as those of someone that has been there, heard or said those four words. Its so true, when we’ve become friends, we tend to want more especially when the other person complements you in ways more than one. But when its been shown that it can’t go beyond being friends, ‘WE might not like it but we (can only) accept’

  2. Easy read, words we’ve all heard at different times…
    If it aint meant to be, I’ve learnt to dust up, saddle my mule and ride off into the sunset.
    Life goes on.
    Thumbs up bro

  3. That phrase though *sighs*….like Kelvin said>>move on.. I won’t blame babes though, if you don’t go for it from the onset or early into the friendship…..>Don’t bother!

  4. hahahaha. I have given those words before. It is done out of the goodness of one’s heart, because if u both enter a relationship, the rules change. You stop workin w/ ‘friend’ rules and up the stakes more. Everyone starts having bigger expectations for the other party involved. Then you come to the question, “Is this the same person i be-friended?” lol

    Then if it doesn’t work out, you come to that awkward phase where it’s too weird to be friends. Why would I stress myself if i know how it is going to end (and i say this from the stand point of understanding the person’s personality lol).

    I have also been on the receiving end of those words o. The “it’s only play guys” that one is the annoying one. You want the best of both worlds, which is… hahaha *i end there as it is not my post/blog*

  5. I’ve played dat let’s just be friends card a million times o, but not for money. I just want to eat my cake n have it, maybe I can’t date d guy for a certain flaw I can’t handle so we stay friends and eventually d attraction wears off and we can really be friends. I have never changed my mind or dated any one of them after saying those words, I always meant it.
    Good post Femi!

  6. sometimes its best to stay friends so she wont see ‘all’ of you and the picture she’s built up in her head about you wont come crashing down and cos if it does it might never be the same again #simples

  7. I say those words. I hear them said to me too. Every feeling between man and woman is meant to lead to sex whether it happens or not, it’s biology. But then again, we can’t have sex with everyone, it’s called reality.
    I really enjoyed reading this; your blog is getting better.

  8. Story of my life. This has happened to me a lot more than Arsenal missing out on trophies…..the run up is wonderful but no prize at the end of he race.

    What I’ve learned is that you have to make your intentions clear to a woman at the BEGINNING, there’s no sneaking in a relationship later. Unless she’s the one who ends up liking you, then you probably won’t feel the same way too. See the circle. *sigh*

  9. *angry face* Because of work, I wasn’t first to comment thus someone else gets my Gala & La Casera. Anyways, nice read! I can totally relate with this. In these cases, isn’t it always a case of the guy dulling? That’s what I feel though! Thumbs up, Femi!

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