All my life, for as long as I can remember I have had this dream about the how the babe I wanted to marry will look like.

She had to be a maximum of 5’9″, she had to be light brown in complexion(I’m black enough already, so we won’t birth the anti christ).

I’m more of a legs guy(yeah I said it) so she must have hot legs to die for: well shaved and trimmed, no unnecessary darkened knees *cringe*

I’m more bobee over backside. Both MUST be in moderation though and not excess because if I see her whether I like it or not, its her outward appearance that sucks me in.

She had to be able to communicate well; have a good command of the english language and hold herself steady in a conversation.

She had to be comfortable in her own skin and not be jealous of finer looking girls or ‘better dressed girls’, I met you the way you were and I liked you just that way. šŸ˜€

She had to be have a fantastic sense of humor and be able to make me laugh from time to time. (For me this takes the cake all the time)

A girl that can fit in with my friends easily has completed 75% of the job for herself.

On that note I saw a babe whom I felt passed ‘roughly’ 97% of my checklist(the remaining 3% na down to error of parallax). Let’s call he ‘simbi’.

I had watched her for weeks in school, mid week services in fellowship and church on sundays. In wizkids voice ‘omo toh shan’ DIEE.

Thing is I’m a shy guy and it took me months to gather the momentum and courage to walk up to the girl of my dreams.

I walked up to her very slowly, counting my pace one at a time.

Suddenly I heard my mum’s voice, ‘femi, femi, oya we are late’. Huh?

I turned round and saw no one and kept working toward her.

Again ‘femi, femi’. I knew the voice was real but from where?

And my eyes opened up and there I was, NOT on my way to ‘greatness’ but on my bed, crashing and being awoken by my mum to take her to work. *sigh*

I like what I saw in simbi, she could have been the girl of my dreams but for now that’s all she is going to be………………………. ‘A DREAM’.

So, ladies and gentlemen, most of us have had images of the kind of spouse we will like to have right? NO? If you haven’t oya #slapyourself.

I fear we might never get them and just settle for what God sends our way, if not some people are joking around with lifetimes as bachelors and spinsters.

Question: Does the perfect girl exist?

Please use the comment box to share your views on whether my own view of a perfect girl is on point, feel free to add, subtract and multiply and divide :D.

Ladies don’t feel left out. Are we over-reaching? Should we lower our expectations? Please share your views with us as well. Thank you

Cheers everyone!


43 responses to “McDREAMy

  1. Pretty interesting post man…I gotta admit, I thought you were gon hear God’s voice sayin “she’s the one” when you heard momsie saying “oya we are late” ha ha…

    Of course the perfect girl exists…..For you that is….This is because it’s all subjective at the end of the day. Your idea of the perfect spouse is the one that fits “your own” criteria..

  2. Perfect girl my foot. I don’t plan dat far ahead. Once her physical draws me in, d rest is history. Getting to know her enables u Mk d choice of whether to live with her nd her faults or NOT.

    • Hmm…this sounds realistic..I like how you said “once her physical draws me in, the rest is history”….I mean the first thing I see is the face..if care is not taken I see the tits before the face gan sef…then I’m like “so you live around here?”

  3. smh @ all u guys, its guys like u that wanna make girls almost kill themselves trying to be independent career women so that they can be noticed for more than thier physical appearance

  4. So interestin. 2 b sincere m sure its physical appearance dat wuld attract us 2 sum1 b4 we get 2 knw him or ha beta. But no1 is perfect, as long as u guys r compatible nd d person mits most of ur criterias then dat shld b ok

  5. I understand that guys are visualists which is what makes most of y’all a bit shallow but as for finding the perfect girl, if u focus on what u can see only, u will never ever find what you are looking for

  6. I’m totally with karen on this one. Guys expect girls to be independent but as soon as they get independent and can stand their ground you all run away. Kmt Girl power yo

  7. @Karen, I look byond the physical trust me..and it’s praiseworthy for a lady to go right ahead and become a career woman. Being a visualist doesn’t make a man shallow, it’s how he treats u after seeing your “endowments” that matters. Please believe, a man is attracted by what he “sees” first.

  8. And yes I’m a first timer to your blog @bule_jr. *running to follow you on twitter*. Nice relationship ish mehn (Y)

  9. Well we hv 2 stand 4 sumfin or fall 4 nothin… Its cool 2 v criteria 4 our really most tyms its d physical dat matters 2 a lot of ppl. No one is perfect bt wit tym u ll blend…after all dey say *luv conquers all*…lol

  10. Guys demand so much from girls its so unreal & I’m talking physically & not so much mentality. Most of yall would date a blond bimbo, just aslong as she got the looks to go then its okay. I will fight here if I carry on so toddles. Nice blog again bule šŸ™‚

  11. Ha…your Beyonce is a dream girl and nothing more. Sorry ehn. I have found my own dream girl sha. I dunno what you people are saying.

  12. lol @ mammy water, Love this post. I agree with femi; nd yea guys r visual, but it takes more than the body to build a relationship, if not all dem “not so attractive” girls like me šŸ˜€ won’t be married, nyway diff strokes… y’all know d rest.
    Anyway, Femi’s dream is kinda realistic, but the chances of that happening is dicey, reasons are endless, u can figure dat out urself.

  13. It’s great that you know wat you want in woman, but be prepared to meet some one who doesn’t have all the criteria you listed above(u kno we usually don’t get everything we want in life). Expectations and reality never work out the same. šŸ™‚
    @Karen, if a girl is going to ‘kill’ herself tryn to please someone..its her choice. If a babe wnts to be a career woman, she shud do so to please herself first, if later on a guy is attracted to her because she’s independent then she’s doubly lucky.

  14. nice 1 man. when it comes to ‘dream’ girls; i have been told by all who know me that i’ll wait forever for her. the wait has made me doubt the existence of such a being, no one best fits our various expectations. so bro, simbi will stay where she is while you create a reality of her in who you eventually meet.

  15. LOL!! Must everything good be a dream! Even if you were not a Yoruba boy I can’t imagine any other dialect shouting your name to wake you up. Perfect girls don’t exist, of course but I’ve had dreams of Marion Cotillard and I err *coughs* #okbye. Oh and, nice read.

  16. Its not only guys dat have a picture of their “dream girl”…my perfect guy image is tall (above 6ft), not too dark, handsome if not extremely gud-luking, near-slim/slight build, very smart&witty, fun-to-be with, God-fearing etc…But I’ve come to realise sumthn-not only is the “perfect guy” a myth, but those that pass 90% of the above criteria turn out to be-for lack of a better word-“A-holes”(pardon my french), while those that fall at 70% and below turn out to be extremely great guys who leave positive marks in our lives…or my life sha… šŸ™‚

  17. Femi Adebule, I’ve endured the stress and decided to leave a comment. Perfection is an ideal concept man – it doesn’t bloody happen/exist. Contrary to what people say, perfection is personal but it’s nothing short of the best possible.
    I used to have a mental picture of the ideal lady I believe God created for me (down to the minute detail you can think of), blood group, genotype, eye colour, finger (ring) size and the whole shebang. We all hear of the lock and key analogy amongst others of there being just one person for you (disregarding the existence of the master key and of course the fact locks as we’ve grown to know can be picked, which introduces a flaw into the analogy). I don’t believe “the one” exists, you just grow to realise there’s someone you’ve got unusually compatibility levels with (and doesn’t mind you for who you actually are, without your ‘best’ foot/face forward).

  18. What can I say? I ave never had a dream abt a woman/grl/…female generally. Plz, that doesn’t make me cold. And grls/women…females, guys ave been attracted to d physical nature of women for centuries and it aint gonna change, only gonna get worse. The sight of a hottie to a man is like a child seeing a super cool water gun, we just wanna imagine what’s it like having HER. I have a lot to talk abt on this issue but this isn’t the right medium so cheers. + A PIG LOVES A PIG!!!

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  20. Awww anoda beautiful piece Femi…no u should never ever lower ur xpectations ooo…dats accepting defeat, I bliv u shud hang on 4 what u think shud b yours

  21. First of all, it irks me when someone, anybody, male or female goes on about wanting the perfect spouse. NO ONE, NOTHING is perfect. Before u go on seeking d perfect girl, are u perfect? Rate yourself; would this phantom girl find you up to her ‘perfection standard’ if indeed u find her? Chances are that she’ll want her own Adonis too. Lol.

    Also when people go on about unrealistic lists, dos and don’ts in relationships, not wanting to settle and what-nots, they tend to be discontented at d end of the day cause whoever u get would be lacking something.

    At the end of the day, marriage is all about compromise, patience, tolerance, common sense. I foresee a lot of broken marriages in our generation cause of this influx of info/instruction/advice/to-do from everywhere but where it matters most- the home. Look within, see what your parents are doing right and even that what they don’t do quite well and strive to do better.

    Nice post though. Sorry for the long story. And no, my comment wasn’t directed at you @bule. Just speaking generally šŸ™‚

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