Is This The Truth?

Is This The Truth?

Welcome people.

Last Time we had a story about a dream girl and many girls had their say on it and felt we were over-reaching and being unrealistic. If you missed it read it here

Its only fair that we have their own side of the story and allow them dream as well Right?

So I got my good friend @ukabah(who happened to be the most outspoken person on that post) to write the female response to McDREAMy.


So we all saw @bule_jr’s dream girl but as the name implies, she was only in his dreams.

My dream guy will be 6ft 4inches, well -built, not enough to scare people away but enough to look like Zeus; shirt-less.

He is handsome beyond words, with a sexy smile that starts with a little curve at the side of his mouth and slowly widens to display perfect teeth.

His laugh is magical and can make all my problems seem unimportant, his touch is gentle, his words always kind.

He speaks English, Espanol and Italian(ah bellisima!) fluently. He would have eyes that look into the soul, he would love, care and understand with all his heart.

He will always be there no matter what, he would give up the world for me, give his whole heart to me. He would know when I need him, just by looking at me, no need for words.

He would control my moods easily, when he kisses me, the world would cease to exist and only that moment would matter.

Ah! Could my eyes be deceiving me? He’s sitting right there in the corner at the restaurant. His hair slicked back so sexy, his suit looking like it was made on him, his hands smooth and nails well manicured.

His Italian shoes tapping gently to the music playing. This has to be him, he fits my description in every way, he is perfect! He had those eyes, the ones that just let me know he would be all I need and more.

Could he be waiting for someone?

Anger boiled inside me thinking about how a lady could keep a treasure like this waiting, if he were mine, I’d never let him out of my sight.

I watched patiently, thinking of what could possibly make good conversation between us, what excuse would I have to go over there?

Do I write a note and give to the waiter to take to him? Or do I go over and hope I don’t make a fool of myself.

Finally, I summon the courage and smooth down the skirt of my dress. Just as I get to my feet I see him; a much older man, coming straight for Mr Perfect’s table.

I relax…it’s not a girl after all, business meeting perhaps?

So perfect and hard-working…this is too good to be true. *sigh*

Still making my way over very slowly, I stop suddenly.

Why are they hugging tightly?

Why did the old man’s hands slightly run up Mr Perfect’s back?

And why when they sat down, were they still holding hands across the table?

And then it happened, the older one leaned across and kissed my Mr Perfect lightly on the lips.

Now it all made sense, what was I thinking?

So that’s that. I have to say thank you to the beautiful @ukabah for a very nice write up.

But again this is just a response for the guys to come and defend themselves after they felt battered last time around. πŸ˜€

Are the girls over-reaching as well?

Are there really perfect Guys out there?

Does anybody’s dream spouse come true?

Feel free to share your comments about the perfect guy and whether its right for them to dream or they should just manage anything that comes our way.

Cheers people.

Relationships = Jamb

Relationships = Jamb


37 responses to “McDREAMy II

  1. @ukabah, Nice guest post and just so you know, I meet all your requirements so we should meet. *coughs*. Oh, I guess I’m first to comment?

  2. Abeg pour water on these people let them wake up o! As I no com sabi italian, french, spanish, and Zulu sef na so I no I get game reach! Abeg hot water!!!

  3. Ok so this post is actually nice, but a quick question, is she implying that all the guys of her dreams turn out gay? Well FYI, there are confirm guys like me who are very straight *winks* ………….. So dream no further @ukabah lol

  4. LOL please this Mills & Booms man you described here na wa o. Is this what you do at work? Smh. Anyways nice one tho. Somebody needs to wake some girls up. But are they all gay? They might just be unexistent.

  5. first, u mean he should look like THOR shirtless
    next, dis is just sexist. R u saying every guy is unkempt, not rip, not tall nd can’t take care of a lady? SIS, u should go out more Abeg

  6. @runtaj she didn’t say guys are dirty. There’s no Mr. Perfect is her point here. Going out more or less has nada to do with it. Just because a girl is ‘clean’ doesn’t mean she has all you’re looking for and she’s you’re Miss. Perfect

  7. @runtaj, u shld read the post again…maybe u’ll get my point
    @bule_jr, yes pls let me speak for myself
    @lekan, what were we saying? Lol

  8. LMAO! That’s definitely Mr.Perfect. He should be able to say “I love you” in 6 different languages, should play the guitar should be able to move on the dance floor.etc…Its a shame though that the perfect guy is usually either taken, gay or has herpes or some bad disease sha. Lovely post!

  9. hahaha! nice one sis! the truth is..if it seems too good to be probably is. in my opinion there is no such thing as the perfect man or woman…there is however, the man who is willing to learn how to be perfect for his lady…thats the thing gurls shud be looking out for..that potential..unfortunately, some ladies begin to take the piss n manipulate as soon as they knw he wants to make them happy…maybe ur next post shud be about that…lol..cheers

  10. @chykee, thanks bro..I agree with u oh, when u find someone u love, u try to be everythin the person requires u to be and cos u love the person, it won’t seem like such a big deal
    Cc@bule_jr for an idea of a new write up

  11. @bule_jr, my bad! The dream is outrageous cos even dreams av limit! And truthfuly am like dat wud break ur heart in several more places than one cos he is to perfect for one woman

  12. Sori! Any man like dat wud break ur heart several more places than one cos he would be too perfect for one woman

  13. LMAO!!!…gay tho? Dat just takes d ‘fanta’ out of fantasy 2 leave u drowning in a sea of despair…mschew, I still think d perfect one 4u is on d way

  14. The perfect guys are either taken or gay…so we girls are left with the not-so-perfect or far-from-perfect ones…not that we’re complaining tho…#JezSaying 😐

  15. okay, I discovered your blog yesterday…I know its August but m still going to comment.

    I dont like that you used the word “managing”. I wouldnt call it that. We are all human beings, we are all inherently flawed. People that still have a long list, foolscap sheet even, back and front, of their perfect man or woman, are having childish dreams. Especially because half the list is physical, and these things are things only God has any control over.

    I’m not saying you shouldnt have standards, or you shouldnt go after what you want. I’d advise such people to make a short note of fundamentals, the things you know that if the person doesnt have it, you cant deal. Its okay to want ur man/woman to be attractive, but its not okay for you to insist on having the ‘perfect’ looking person, n thinking of everybody that falls short as ‘managing’. Why judge people so strictly on the things they cannot change? things beyond their control? Is it fair?

    Like yh, just for kicks, u cld have ur perfect list to kick back n laugh about, but to hold everybody u meet to that. nah bruh! uve got a long way to go.

    All I’ve ever asked is for someone smart, ambitious, supportive, reasonable, respectful and attractive enough (to me anyway. I dont want Denzel, and as much as I love him, God bless his beautiful soul, Chris Brown. Not that if Denzel and Breezy meet my criteria, I wont deal) Give me that, and we could work our way up from there.

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