Say No To Cheating


    The Concept Behind Cheating.

Welcome once again to the Ugly Truth, sorry I haven’t really been writing here lately. I have been preparing to appear on some blogs ( yes the love doctor is now in popular demand) hence my absence.

Also I have been working hard on the ‘Date Days’ series, look at the picture below. 😀

I have squeezed a little time out to write on a topic that has been appearing in so many conversations, tweets, blogs e.t.c. Yes it’s the almighty ‘CHEATING’.

I am not talking about dubbing in exams and other stuff like that(go to jamb/waec website for that one), but that thing that happens when a guy/girl decides to go and eat out of another cherry that doesn’t belong to them.

I have had conversations with different people over the last two weeks about this and they made it sound like it was cool and that there was nothing wrong with it.

Before y’all attack me, I know it’s the 21st century and I should get on with it right? I say hold up and hear me out.

We are all Christians or Muslims right? I know the Bible very well and I know it frowns strongly against fornication and Adultery. I am not a 100% sure about it but I’m supremely confident the Quran does say so too right? Someone tell me I am right.

Except I missed the memo, these rules haven’t changed one bit so why are we all saying/acting otherwise.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no saint and have made a few mistakes in this short life I have had.

But i will NEVER go out to brag to people that I was having “extra-marital” affairs or anything like that because believe me i will feel ashamed. You might think you are cool when doing this but in hindsight you will realise you are the fool.

What’s there to brag about not being able to remain truthful to someone you are in a relationship with and openly profess your love for?

But people(especially we guys) go about doing this and expect our spouses to be faithful to us as well? Oh no no!!! Life doesn’t work that way.

They say Karma is a female dog abi? Oh well…..

Let this not be you.

Mind you cheating for me doesn’t start when there is physical contact between the two said people. I believe there is something called emotional cheating.

In simple terms, your body is in a relationship but your mind is no longer there but for reasons unknown you refuse to just bone the relationship or get serious. Sounds Familiar? Guessed so

The minute you start to get irritated with your better half and you don’t see a reason to bridge the gap quickly and just go and sulk about the place, you are bound to find someone else’s arm to fall into.

This can lead anywhere and I mean anywhere.

If you really like a person and decide to go into an “exclusive” relationship with them I feel you owe it to them to be faithful and be of your best behaviour.

Why start looking for something on the side or put yourself in a situation where you know you will be tempted to get something from someone outside?

Surely the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Or is it?

I also think it is rather hurtful to both yourself and your other half to be cheating on them. Its rather MEAN if you ask me.

Don’t do it because all your friends are doing it and encouraging you to do as well.

Don’t be fooled because it’s a societal Norm. IT IS WRONG.

The minute I decided that I was going to remain a faithful husband/boyfriend sometime in 2007, I became a better person for it.
It gives me a very satisfying feeling to remain true and faithful to anyone I am with at any point in time.

Yes I have been called names and dissed but frankly “I DON’T CARE”.

I know many will say “I have tried” or “it is hard” but don’t give up.

It’s the end times and trust me to Err is human so do not despair and beat yourself down, and also don’t just accept it and do nothing about it, you can still change your ways whether you are Married or Unmarried.

I think our generation owes it to our unborn kids to give them a better legacy than this rubbish one we have inherited from our own parents and fine-tuned to please our needs and nature.

If i can change i am very sure you can too. Yes you.

No matter how tempted you are, JUST SAY NO.

If you don’t like my own views feel free to share your own views and why?

If you like my views, well thank you and continue that way.


Its Date Days Baby


23 responses to “Say No To Cheating

  1. Cheating is som’n I tag in the recesses of my mind as ‘inevitable’… I may not know,may never find out..but most pple do.. Better to be prepd or it yeah?? No!! I know..but it always feels better to hav a defence mechanism… Heart no be stone..

    Most ppl don’t agree Emotional cheating counts.. IT COUNTS.. Thank you..atleast one other person does..

  2. Very decent post and enlightening too….stating the obvious no doubt but I guess ultimately it’s a decision one needs to take to remain faithful. Easier said than done, but possible nonetheless….


  3. Good for u….to those cheating ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯™ …..
    To those being faithful….more epo to ur elbows….

    As for me and my household…we shall serve the lord!

  4. true talk. I’m wondering when it became cool to unfaithful tho. i mean really? people actually brag about this stuff? in my opinion, emotional cheating is the worst. #justsayin

  5. The bible frowns at cheating true but d trump card ere is ‘I think our generation owes it to our unborn kids to give them a better legacy than this rubbish one we have inherited from our own parents and fine-tuned to please our needs and nature’

  6. Blue!
    Cheating isn’t good but I wouldn’t call it in black and white. Sometimes, the stories surrounding the circumstance are not altogether straightforward.

  7. Emotional cheating?.. *thinking* What in exact terms is this? Sometimes you fall in love with someone else while in a relationship, is it morally right to leave the one who hasn’t wronged you to be with the new ‘crush’?

  8. Staying faithful is hard cos relationships pass thru all kinds of phases where we get bored and even irritated with our partners as u said but its all about discipline. We can stay faithful
    Nice one Femi

  9. Truth cheating is not always physical..spending quality time with someone other than your better half and not giving proper attention to ur partner also counts. Thanks for the post

  10. Okay. So I have read this, what do I do now? Do I tell my husband we need a divorce cos I’ve been spending a bit more time with the office colleague? Or do I break up with my boyfriend cos all we do is fight and then his best friend ends up taking me out to make me feel better, and ultimately we have sex?

    Please tell me what to do cos I’m struggling hard to understand what exactly one is supposed to do after reading this. You are giving us cheating advice based on what experience? Do you even have any idea what drives people to cheat in the first place?

    Coming here, telling us cheating is bad blah blah, sure we all know that. Nobody who is old enough to date doesn’t.

    My point is, if you don’t want to cheat, then don’t. You can write your story and express how you feel about cheating, but don’t go around telling people what to do or not cos quite frankly, it’s not your place to.

    NB: It is your right to write your blog, just as it’s mine to read and express my opinion.


  11. Oh yes. This is why I ask God for who my life partner should be. Because no matter how hot someone is, or how strong ur connection is, u could always find someone out there hotter and with a beta connection! And then u would need a good reason to walk away. I fear the most for emotional cheating though. Sex is just water. What happens when u have a relationship deeper in days than the one u have been in for months? I shudder.

  12. Err… Should u leave ur husband for…. No! Quit spending so much time with that colleague. Quite straightforward me thinks.
    “No matter how tempted you are, JUST SAY NO.”
    In the end, its really your own behind that’s saved for doin the right thing.

  13. Personally, I know the kind of guys I get attracted to. Within a few minutes of chatting, I know if you’re the kind of person I could be attracted to. If you are, then I put my guard up. Why? Because I’m in a relationship and committed to my guy, and I’m very aware that I am human. I try to chip in some how that I’m in a relationship. I don’t get all casual or free till I’m able to establish that you know I’m off limits.
    I’ve learnt that it could happen to anyone; you just have to guard your heart and deal with strange emotions that want to creep in especially if you’re spending long hours with someone you could be attracted to. It, basically, is a mind-thing.

  14. I have a boyfriend but he’s not really mine he has his other girlfriend and he’s cheating what I can’t understand is y these men can’t keep one

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