Loud, piercing screams into the night.

There were sounds of crashing plates and items hitting the walls. The neighbors’ lights remained off. No one called the cops.

Why should they?

No one wanted his trouble. No one wanted to be beaten up by a bunch of thugs from nowhere even though they knew who had sent them.

No one wanted to be involved in that drama as they had tried previously to intervene only to be hurt in the end.

‘Let go of me!’, she yelled to his face, beating his sturdy chest as hard as her weak limbs could.

Blood ran down her nose to her lips into her mouth mixing with the tears that flowed from her eyes. His grip around her slim waist was tight. She felt if he held it any tighter she would break in two. She scratched his rugged face and cried out for him to leave her alone but he replied with another blow to her already bruised face. He pushed her to the floor as she tried desperately to find something, anything to hit him with but the lamp, the stool, or the shoes were just too far from her reach.

He rammed her head to the wooden floorboard and ripped off her gown followed by her underwear which had stitches in various parts.

There were cuts and bruises around her groin; evidence of the previous incessant assaults she had been receiving. He grinned and licked his lips at the sight of her private part. A part which wasn’t private anymore for it had been violated, consistently by a man that was supposed to be her all.

He was to be everything positive in her life. Her shining light; the one to wipe away her tears when she cried at night, to tell her everything was going to be okay; the one to smile at her when she felt weak; the one to give her a reason to live but instead he had become her worst nightmare.

A monster under her bed, in her closet; a demon that haunted her every footstep… a thorn in her heart.

She bit her bruised lower lip as he forcefully entered her causing so much pain inside. She felt her thighs go wet. It wasn’t him. She knew it because she had felt it before. Blood ran down her thighs as he thrust inside her deeply. There was no point trying to reach for anything. It was already too late. The tears couldn’t flow anymore.

What tears did she have to cry?

He had beaten it out of her. She laid there on the floor, her face away from his trying to avoid his grunts and breath which reeked of alcohol and weed.

SURPRISED? She wasn’t.

It was his signature scent. The one he carried in and out of the door. The one he leaves on her after he is done breaking what remained of her fragile bones.

She stared at the base of the door, through the opening between the door and the floor. She could see the street lamp and the light that it shone.

The light she had been deprived of, that she hungered for so much.

Tears began to flow but it wasn’t caused by the pain in her belly or that from her badly bruised lady parts but from the one in her heart.

He thrust even harder now.

The pain increased but she didn’t flinch. She had found a bit of solace in that light. The one she lacked in her life; a life that she felt seeping out of her slowly.

She cracked a weak smile. It had been a long time since she smiled or felt harmony in any part of her shattered life.

He moaned out loud as he released inside of her and let out a devilish laugh when he was done. He collapsed on her, breathing heavily and letting out sighs of satisfaction. He got up and buckled his pants. He spat and kicked her open legs close together.

‘Clean this mess up you lazy worthless whore. You’re just like your mother. Only ever useful for one thing’

He grabbed the left over bottle of beer which had been on the table behind him and walked away.

She lay there as still as a corpse. Her face bruised, her lips swollen, her clothes torn and her lady parts bruised with blood seeping out slowly but in her heart she felt peace; she felt hope and calm.

She was hurt but amazingly had nothing against this man.

She felt joy as she stood at the lamp post, staring at her battered body lying on the floorboard through the space between the floor and the door from that house across the street where no one tried to help for fear of their lives.


Classic case of another father – daughter relationship that just went beyond what it is supposed to be.

Most times, since it doesn’t affect anyone around us or close to home we don’t know the effect it has on people, the trauma it causes.

These things happen so much around us but victims are scared to confide in people, seek help and report the offender.

And frankly do we blame them?

If you were in their shoes, what will you do?

How can we help such people?

What role can we play in reducing the amount of such cases and getting people to step forward if and when abused.

Please use the comment box to speak your mind and share a view with us.


P.S this was written by a friend who has chosen to remain anonymous and myself.

2days To Go

2days To Go


27 responses to “Screams

  1. The way this was going, I thought she was his wife or something…guess I was quick to judge…
    I dont even want to imagine being in their’s even gonna be hard for me because of the kind of relationship I have with my dad..
    Victims of such cases are usually ashamed to confide in anyone…and you cant help them if they dont make their problems known…nice post. 😀

  2. Well well tbh I don’t think such situations are as helpless. Or are they? Jungle justice nko? Ah. Let me go n come bk

  3. Aha! Did she write this one TOO?
    Its sad to hear or read of such occurences but truth is they exist.
    I think society needs to lift that stigma attitude and with open arms allow affected people come forward.
    Ah well…we live in evil, perverted times.

  4. Nothing nice. Seriously.
    But the most painful thing is that we as Africans have learnt to mind our own businesses even if the other business is ultimately ours.

    We would do nothing!

  5. Mostly the father is the bread winner of the family (it is gradually changing) imagine what would happen if the father was arrested? That is an excuse a family member would give to discourage the girl..who will take care of us? Who will provide for us? The greater good. I think society has to change its perception about the victim and the offender, if the victim is viewed as a “property” of the state, it then falls on the state to take care of the victim..if people are assured of being treated properly and not neglected for “destroying” a family, they will come out into the open.
    We can’t blame them..its never their fault..mostly these things start wwhen they are young and naïve, when they have no idea or understanding about what is happening. Even though some might say its too early, they can be told/taught that when a man touches their private part, they should tell their teacher (who is not a family member and less likely to cover it up)

  6. This is serious!!! If ur dad – d only man, u, as a girl, confide in – does this 2 u,… If ’twas me, i’ll just kill d man, then commit suicide!

  7. Wow. I was already thinking “It’s so wrong! Why should he be beating his wife?” and then I realized it was (probably) his (step-)daughter. That is a darker shade of disgusting!


    I believe there is nothing the neighbours or relatives can do if the girl does not do something by herself. It’s an almost helpless situation but my views are that the mother, if she was alive, has the responsibility to ensure that her daughter does not suffer abuse.

    I believe as far back as when a girl is a baby (girls in particular because they are more likely to be victims), the mother should build a confident relationship with her to the extent that she TRUSTs her mother i.e. she tells her the things that are important, not out of fear, not only out of respect, not because she was asked. If this was the case, even an unnecessary touch by some relative or teacher will be easily and innocently reported to her mother, nipping the situation in the bud. Unfortunately many parents make themselves inaccessible until things get out of hand.

    Parenting is the hardest task in the world.

    Good one, Bule Jr’s friend.

    • P.S. When I say the Mother could have prevented this, if alive, I mean even if they are separated, she could have either taken her daughter into custody, or let her stay somewhere that she can watch over her closely until the girl is old enough to live by herself.

  8. In all…tis a beautiful piece, however I believe this piece is one of the extreme cases. There r 2major reasons babes tolerate dis sorta shit…”Lack of independence or self-love” and “fear” if I were in her shoes I’d have packed my bags and run or I’d have killed him cuz he is nt my father anymore. He’s a hooligan…Mschew BULLSHIT father, I’d murder him and den run…*spits* dass all

  9. its bad enough that a person would sexually abuse their child. And then u combine it with bashing? Physical and emotional murder…
    Its hard to say what one would do if in the circumstances cuz a victim of rape, by a stranger sef finds it hard enough to tell anyone… And then its from within? O dear.
    So the man is a thug? Why did she stay! Did she have siblings she was trying to protect?
    There was a time when u cld hide under the wing of a concerned relative… But now everyone’s scared to help for some paranoia or another. 😦
    If only she had a friend, someone to talk to, someone to hide her…
    Ooorr Kill the man… Poison? A bullet? Something… Anything…

  10. Yes she died. The fact is Nigerians have this wicked attitude of not reporting things. We also know the police will not listen to cases of domestic violence probably because they beat and rape their wives themselves. It is left to the Church or maybe anyone caring enough to interfere in family matters. They say blood is thicker than water but I spit on that. And I spit again! Unless you mean that the injuries inflicted by family are most times greater than those from strangers. That I could agree to. (exceptions exist of course)

    The girl is the helpless victim. She knows no means of escape. She knows no better. Her world begins and ends in the home. And her father is Lord and Master of that Universe. She has no other options of help. Could we be our brother’s keeper? Could there be any formal means of addressing domestic violence and rape in Nigeria? Or will it always be informal? I’m sad all over again.

  11. But did he have to kill her tho? What kinda transferred aggression is that? I hope The Ghosts of Daughters Past come back to haunt him and make him pee blood!


    As for the neighbors, I understand their position. I have one that beats his kids till the speak in tongues, but what can I do? Its really uncanny to go knocking on his door demanding that he stops. He’ll tell me to go and have my own children.

  12. A Man raping and battering is daughter is everyones buisness…am sorry to say dis buh we Nigerians are cowards…You hide in Uя house and act like its none of Uя buisness cos it doesn’t affect you….well if such a perveted idiot isn’t dealt with,He might just come on to ur wives or daughters….We see the wrong things being done in the society but we’re scared of calling the cops…absolute cowardice…dats why we’re still stuck in the 18th century…

  13. This is just disgusting….especially now am abt havin my breakfast…..
    She didn’t have to take it all….too bad she died but a theory believes “a single guy cannot molest a girl….not unless she wants it”
    Talk less of her dad…..abeg abeg abeg

  14. Tragic story. Men who do such, I don’t think death alone is enough. Nice write-up Femi & the anonymous too.

  15. I was saw a nollywood of similar context with my Aunt. I saying ‘typical Naija Movie’ to her, dat tis will neva happen in reality, but She was quick to correct me and pointed out various instances happening around me. I asked y dey don’t report it, and she said to who? D police who will advice dem to go bak to dier husbands/fathers house, d pastors who will tell dem ‘to put d husband/father into praya’, d uncles & relations who will ‘promise to talk to him’, or d neighbours dat don’t care enuff to intervene during d incident..?

  16. I once saw a nollywood movie of similar context with my Aunt. I remember saying ‘typical Naija movie’ to her, dat such a thing will neva happen in reality. She was quick to correct me and point out various cases happening around me. I asked y dey (d victims) didn’t report it, and she asked to who? D police who will advice dem to go bak to d husband/father house, d pastors who will tell dem ‘to put d husband/father into praya’, d uncles & relations who will ‘promise to talk to him’, or d neighbours dat don’t care enuff to intervene during d incident..??!

  17. Thanks a lot for your comments.
    When I was writing this I actually cried- Partly because my parents just yelled at me but also because of the pain this girl was put through.

  18. It is fictional but things like this happen everyday. Prevention beta pass cure. The men that act this way are our friends, cousins, bestfriends even brothers and sons. Talk to them. Teach them right. Pray and help them so we can reduce domestic violence in our society.

  19. Initially, I thought they were playing some sort of game. Some peeople are into that kind of thing.

    But this kind of abuse isn’t something to play about sha. Sadly, nobody really seems to care anymore.

  20. This is a really releveant post. I bet a whole lot fo things have been written to show how gruesome the effects of incest and downright brutality can leave on one…Thing is, how best can one deal with this? Capital punishment, jungle justice? Murder? or leave it for God? There’s so much trauma. One cannot understand te effects of such on the victim. It’s difficult to imagine and I shudder at the thought, even moreso because it’s real.

  21. Really deep post,but sad as it is,it happens around us,I rili fnk dt physical abuse is abt d most unforgivable fng! Bt sexual abuse inclusive nt by a husband or boyfriend but a father leaves a permanent sour taste in d mouth!

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