Date Days 2

@bule_jr: Again I say hello.
Welcome to Day 2 of Date Days.
Yesterday @miafarradaily gave us a massive insight into the rigorous preparations ‘many’ girls go through to prepare for a date. If you missed it go here
As promised we the guys share with the ladies what we go through to prepare for dates as well. Enjoy.


“Where to take her tonight?”

That’s the question I’m asking myself as I’m sorting work out at the end of the day… It’s 4PM, L and I have a date at 8.

I’m not precisely sure how to do this. It’s been quite a long while since I took anyone out and frankly, the rules of engagement may have changed from like a year ago.

Do I take her to get some food? I could do that, but I don’t want to give her the opportunity to go and be eating all over the place like a rat let loose in a storehouse.
Some of these girls sef; them go dey form for road, then you carry them out and next thing you know them done turn INEC (I Never Chop) officials. I remember one babe like this that I took out; the babe ordered food that could feed half the Spartan army for herself, then she now ordered food for her roommate. Chai! I was burnt ehn! But well, I think I’ll choose when I see her.

If she looks like one food monger, I’m sure she won’t mind if I take her to White House. At least she’ll be able to go ham on some amala and catfish. Lol. I don’t think that would be a very good idea. I’d probably ruin my chances of getting lucky on the first date. Even though, it’s not like my getting lucky tonight is entirely sure sef. All these babes that like to form, I miss those days when you could take a girl to Mr. Biggs and be sure that you’d be getting lucky for like two weeks straight.

Ah… thinking about getting lucky… I should probably buy some condoms, just in case she’s actually down. Wouldn’t want to just rule it out and then find out that I’ve carried last. What kind of condoms to buy? Lemme stop at this pharmacy. Okay, so they don’t have my usual ribbed Trojans. Kama Sutra? Durex? Oh! How about Gold Circle? Cheap and….. no. The babe go just laugh me commot. Let’s go with Durex then. From that picture Tolu sent me, she’s a cream girl so I’ll just do it right.

But yet again, a lot of the time it’s all just forming. Hopefully this “cream girl” won’t kill me with shells o. The last babe my boy Dipo went out with was hot as heck, but sounded like she went to Alakara Nursery & Primary School. And this one better be able to talk as well. Don’t need anyone nodding and answering questions with mono-syllables all night. Me I will kuku just pay the bill and take her home. No time o.

Need to figure out what to wear though; thankfully I’m getting off from work early.

Got a basketball game, then I’ll come back and sort things out.

Had the security man give my car a thorough scrubbing while I dazzled on the court. You see the last thing I wanted was for her to see my car in its a present state. A cleaner car can get me closer to being lucky….even act as the venue as well, who knows?

So game over, killed them on the court.

Got an hour to get ready now so… let’s have a bath so I don’t kill her with body odor.

That’s a definite no-no.

Done in 10 minutes, Lancôme Hypnose shower gel got a brother smelling good. A bit of the same perfume for consistency… quick look in the mirror to make sure I look good without them clothes on. Not bad at all. Beard looking good, shaved the way I like. No underarm hair; makes me feel like a caveman. Hair down there’s kept minimal; we don’t want her having to floss to get hair out of her teeth if she goes down there. The abs stay on point, I’m feeling very beefy.

Okay… we wanna look simple. It’s just a date… nothing big. Well, it’s a first date. Need to make a good impression And there is that chance of getting lucky. Funny how that’s all I’ve been wondering about; to get lucky, or not to get lucky?

I should really stop thinking about that. But of course, I’ll play it smart; play like I’m not interested, but make her laugh a lot… all those things that get them to loosen up. If it happens, it happens. Even though, I wanna see how this one goes, so maybe I shouldn’t let things run too fast, cos I mean, she could be my future… who the hell am I kidding?

Nobody plans a future on a first date! It’s simply a testing the water kinda thing.

Whatever will be, will be and all that.

So, my “getting some” Calvin Klein boxers, I know I’m trying not to get hopes up and all, but if it did happen, it’d be rather messed up if she goes down there and sees these everyday boxers that have a little hole in them…

Let’s remember something about color combinations; too much brightness and you’ll look like a neon sign that’s a bit low on juice, too much darkness and it gets a bit hard to show off all these good looks.

So, gray slacks, red camel-skin moccasins, slim red deep V-neck tee so the abs can say hi, and a blue jacket so I don’t come off too casual… simple white gold chain and bracelet, Cartier belt… another spritz of perfume behind the ears, and I do believe we’re ready to go.

Should be a 15 minute drive to hers. I’ve got 10 minutes till 8. Good… very good. So I can do the fashionable 5 minutes late thing.

At the door, waiting for her to come out.

Remember man; play nice, make her laugh, go easy on the compliments, throw all thoughts of sex out the window, just ride it out and see where it….

Damn… she looks amazing.

DISCLAIMER: This post does not necessarily reflect the dating
preparation rituals of the writer. Although he has a beard which he
keeps well, the writer of this post does not claim to have a six pack.
In fact, he has a rather jelly filled one pack which he is focusing on
applying the laws of division to. Some of these things may, or may not
be true.

Guys, any familiar patterns for you?

Do you have any other things you do that you will like to share with us on here?

So Ladies, see what you lot put us through as well. We have a lot of thinking to do before we go out with you guys.

When next your date appears will you pay more attention and see that he has prepared as well? And not always look to be on the receiving end of compliments?

Please share your thoughts, observations and ideas with us using the comment box.

See you same time tomorrow.


Day 2

Day 2


42 responses to “Date Days 2

  1. Getting lucky on the first date. LOL. Resounding thought. Shaking my head here. Going ham on amala and catfish just made me smile. I guess guys are surprised when they find out girls eat more than they do. Does it put me off? *shrugs* Depends. Nice one Panda and Baba Blue. I love the one-pack disclaimer at the end…

  2. Good stuff Panda…Quite a few points got me rolling ” like a rat let loose in a storehouse.” “Alakara Nursery and Primary School”…ℓ☺ℓ
    Seriously tho, I happen to fall in the class of dudes who aren’t thinking bout “getting lucky” on a date…yes we still exist.
    I dare say tho, that all the initial fears of whether she’s a talker or not would have been settled before the first date for me. Yeah I like to do my prep work well…as per scientist na. Hehehehe.
    Good stuff TLD…we await 2moro’s installment.

  3. Lmao @INEC and the disclaimer..

    The dude had to do a lotta brainwork tho..

    I was really looking foward to the date 😦

    Nice one Mr. Bule i’m so looking foward to tomorow’s post.

  4. INEC officials tho! I know some of those. Slim chicks and you wonder where all the food goes.

    I’m ugly and proud of it. I don’t spend too much time prepping for a date. I spray perf if the shirt is smelly and I don’t remember the last time I combed my hair.

    That should be all.

  5. Lol.
    I guess I should’ve stated that this was meant to be a completely blind first date. Which is something we find to be completely foreign iñ Nigeria. Why we should need vex money when we’re the ones taking the babe out I don’t know. How Chinny came to.the conclusion that guys are jerks from.this I don’t know. Because he was thinking about scoring? Mia’s character was thinking about giving it up as well. No?

  6. Lol!@ Terdoh…bros na wa for you oh!
    A coupla lines had me smiling but getting all fancy cos u’r hoping to get laid?smh…some girls do it too tho :p

  7. Dates. Needlessly complicated things.

    But I do believe the Panda has captured the basics of what usually runs through our minds before one.

  8. Lmao @INEC… I know a lot of them tho…. and getting lucky on d first date? Nah, should be d last thing on your mind if you want no oops(my opinion). Very Funny but nice disclaimer. Nice write-up bro (y), still looking forward to d day u’ll disappoint me 😀

  9. It wasn’t just about getting lucky, the guy went from wondering if the girl would be an INEC official to if she would sound like someone who went to Alakara school, and all the while, the determinant of where he would take here et al was on if he was going to get laid.

    he definitely doesn’t sound like someone who intends to take the ‘relationship’ beyond that date.

  10. @lagoshunter worrisds?????? Buahahahaha

    Tiny holes thank God….just reminded me of dem days wen my bro preps for his date and I have to wash the sheets aftawards….Yuck!

  11. Tis captures my thoughts on d first date. Hell, on any date.. Getting lucky is always on top of my mind.. Getting laid is d reason I go on dates in d first place, be it d 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 70th..

  12. I just can’t relate with going through all that trouble for the sole reason of getting laid. What happened to the girl’s feelings, the possibility of this being ‘forever’, making a lasting impression? What would I even be doing on a date with someone I don’t have sincere feelings for. Abeg, I nor get dat kyn time waste….

  13. Nice 1 but u failed to hammer the financial and entertainment preparation that guys go thru. Guys have to do more than look nice. Ensure our convo, charm n glib is on check. And we do pressups too hehe

  14. So I spend “3hrs” “miafarradailying” and all a “capoeirapanda” wants is to get laid? Issorai.

  15. I do not like conventional dates. I prefer observing human beings in their normal everyday state. I ask the girl innocently to accompany me shopping, to go for a walk, to come swimming, go for a movie, or to be my gym partner. I believe you learn more about people when they are outside the date “examination hall”.

    • I’m with you bro… Taking a girl anywhere but to dinner is the perfect first date… an activity… movies, shopping (groceries), swimming, or even ice-skating cc @MsCantFindaName…
      they loosen up much more…

  16. Omo there r only a handful of guys that don’t think of getting laid on d 1st date…but dat aside…I liked d one jelly pack LOL!!! and d pun about rats let loose in a store…hahaha…dat being said, I’d have loved 2 read more about the date tho…both dates actually, Mia’s and Panda’s

  17. First dates tho….the disappointment wen she/he turns out to be ugly or an opposite of what you expected can be so annoying :(.
    If it does go well tho, you’ll spend the best part of your nite going thru the date over and over again in your head 🙂 #i love first dates!!

  18. *drops pencil and closes notepad* that was a lot to take in. When i’m old enough to start going out on these kind of dates, i know what to do. Great stuff as always from the Panda

  19. LOL @ INEC. I think my idea of a first date is creating a killer first impression on her that would definitely make her want more of me than wanting to get lucky on that day. Of course, that’s not a bad idea. All in all, a really funny post. (Y)

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