Awkward Dates 2

@bule_jr: Hello. Hope you are having a blissful weekend.
Today we are going to allow the Ladies tell us awkward moments that they have had on dates as well. Enjoy


“I’m still waiting.” I said to the waiter for the umpteenth time, as he came to stand beside my table with a menu yet again.

He gave me a knowing look, and then returned to his spot behind the pillar closest to the entrance, probably awaiting the arrival of more promising customers.

Sighing, I finally gave in and glanced at the clock on my phone screen. Thirty minutes?! I could feel my eyes pop out, like in those cartoons where they just detach themselves from their sockets. I finally understood why the waiter was on my case, and why he’d had that stupid look on his face. Thirty minutes wasn’t beans.

I began to regret spending all that valuable time fussing over what to wear, my hair, my makeup, and all that other stuff. If someone had told me ahead of time that I’d be sitting at a table in Barcelos alone for the better part of my date, I honestly wouldn’t have bothered. But, of course, there’s never anyone to tell you, is there?

So, there my primped-up self sat, alone and hungry. I sent him another IM asking where he was. The message soon returned a ‘D’, but an ‘R’ remained elusive. My tummy making unpleasant sounds, and the last bits of hope and patience fleeing my body, I decided to order. Thank God for vex money, I thought to myself as the waiter eagerly responded to my summon.

Minutes later, I was greedily devouring my chicken and chips when someone walked up to my table and cleared his throat. I looked up into the smiling face of my ‘date’. Thank God I was holding that chicken, or I would’ve smacked all that ridiculous cheer off his face.

“Dude, you’re late.”

“Am i?” I hated that cheerful tone in his voice. “Am I really?”

“Of course you are!” I all but growled. “Shey it’s 1:30 we agreed to meet?!”

He was so calm; I really just wanted to hurt him. “Yes. And what time is I now?”

“It’s 2:23! You’re almost an hour late!”

“2:23 ke?” he glanced at his watch. “Babe, it’s 1:22.”

“Which rotten 1:22?” I pulled out my phone again.

And then it hit me. I’d done a hard reset on my phone that morning, and set the time by the DsTV decoder time without thinking.

All the blood in my body literally rushed to my face.

He just stood there smiling. Bastid.



It seems the instructions were not understood yesterday so I won’t give any today.

Ever gone out and not been able to pay up afterwards?

Ever had diarrhea on a date? (-_-)

Any funny stories let us lighten up abit.

EVERYONE, Share the awkward moments that you have had on a date. Or any story that you have heard before.


P.S tomorrow’s post will go up at 7a.m.

Day 6

Day 6


27 responses to “Awkward Dates 2

  1. Super duper embarrassing. Is the story real though? I like the post for its brevity too. Nice one, Cece.

  2. To be honest, I was wondering how you were gonna pull this off with a short posts(your style) and I must say you did awesome.
    Now to the story, if I was the guy, I’d have been so pissed when I see the IMs and woulda labelled you a desperado already…lol. No 2nd date for me.
    This I can relate with. I like…

  3. If I was your date, I woulda made it a point of duty to be coming one hour late for all our rendezvous!


    As for awkward dates, I had mine last year. Tho I wouldn’t call it a date. More like a get together. Oh, and home girl was nothing like her facebook pictures…photoshop na bastard! Chick was uglier than my two grandmothers.

    What happened?

    Let’s just say a human being should stay away from beans two weeks before any ‘date’.

    That should be all.

  4. I wanna laugh at the girl (‘cos its effing hilarious!) but all I can do is pity her. All the time she took to get ready, making sure she got there on time and all.

    But if I was the guy I’d react just like SlevinCalevra said, and spend the whole date trying not to laugh.

  5. The one and only qualm I’ve had with date days thus far is the incessant length of the posts, so this is definitely a breath of fresh air.

    Don’t think I’ve ever really had an awkward date though, as a badt guy…

    Except maybe this one time when I was in lyk ss2 and I came to see this chic I’d been scoping since I was in js1 (yep, I do long-term commitment, is how I roll). Took chic to ‘Flavours’ (yeah, dead giveaway, I know) and all I could afford was a bottle of coke, mehn. ‘A’ meaning just ONE bottle for her while we very hardly talked. *heavy sigh*

    The days of the boy I was before the man I am…

  6. I once had ulcer on a date. Had to spend the rest of the day in the hospital. What pained me was the chicken I had to forfeit. It was looking so tasty.

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