24 responses to “The After Thought

  1. What runs thru my mind after d first date…..trust me,,,u don’t wana kno for each individual is unique and
    Couple of scary things I will be thinking based on each date so its quite subjective!

  2. My friend @FreshPrinzVick is a great man..but wait bruv! Are you sure it wasn’t that ‘restaurant’ u went to? The one where me, u, d, bule and amanda had those pigeon wings and frog legs? Just checking o!
    Altogether though, why am I not surprised you went in for the kill at once. A very common scenario innit? LWKM
    Nuthin’ do u bruv…go with a wonderful gift popper on your way.

    @Aeda_ funke must have really ‘connected’ in more ways than one. Truth be told, sometimes, u don’t even need a date to have sex after meeting a person, what’s needed is mutual consent or money(Re:prostitutes :D)
    But as regards dates, I’ll prefer waiting..she fit be blinking fish.
    Wait o! *thinking back to our first ‘date’* emmm…ok #ThatwillBeall

    My wingman and my B… Lovely Guys!

  3. if i like him i’m hoping he’ll call me up later and say how into me he is.it sucks when its not mutual.

    if i didn’t like him much i hope he didn’t like me too so i wont have to start avoiding him.

  4. What runs through my mind is just 2 things ……..

    1.) How I Did, during our time together
    Why: The jokes we crack are important to us as guys, because we want to make sure the babe has good memories of that day

    which leads to
    2.) What is she thinking of me, and what’s next

    Yeah, that’s basically it 🙂

  5. Whats going thru my mind after a first date? hmm, i d say a million and one things probably. Most of the time I do well enough to get a second date so I m mostly thinking, whats next? When do I contact her. Do I text, BBM, Call? When do I do this? and If there is going to be second date, where will I take her. Do I even want to see the said girl again, questions question questions. Good post guy and lady.

  6. Funny enough I’ve noticed most girls don’t give feedback on dates. I dunno if this is intentional. I feel if by the next morning she doesn’t text or call to say it was nice hanging out with you then the date was a flop. You may ask, why don’t you as the guy send the text? I would answer, come on! I asked her out. I made the proposal. Should I also be the one to say my proposal was good?! I’m getting tired of girls in general. 😦

    • NOW THIS is where I was heading. Girls need to let go a little and just be open.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone provided by Airtel Nigeria.

  7. @freshprinzvick … i have learnt eons of years ago that no matter how events change on the first date, you will always get a call back if you made an impression… it’s the same reason why when you lie to a lady and they find out the truth after a few weeks/months, 99.5% are willing to take you back after the initial denial and anger stages…

    i’m no pro but i’ve got a lot of experience and in summary, Dating, Love etc. is not worth any emotional input at all… do it like math ir look at it like a cause – effect relationship btwn beings

  8. What goes on in my mind? Hmmm. Was she worth it? Do I want to ask her out again? Will she agree? All those questions.

    Its a pity that girls are overly reserved on many of these things. They may have enjoyed the date but they will pretend they didn’t. They are so worried about what their friends will think as opposed to what they think.

    At the end of the day, I think both sides think the same thoughts, girls just judge themselves a lot more and take things to heart.

    And oh,sex on the first date? Sure why not. To me the only concern is safety. Which is why I advocate discussing your sexual health casually over dinner or before the date. Even jokingly showing results of you last check up. And yes, always, always, have a condom. Whether u plan to do it or not.

  9. Just two things either ways;

    *If it was a good date…………………

    1. Oh lawd….i hope there be a second one and more things in the future 🙂 !!!
    2. i hope he feels the same way about me

    *If it was a horrible date…………………

    1.I hope there WONT be a second date and that will be the end of it all -_-
    2. I hope he feels the same way

  10. The next day *shudders* incessant worrying! especially when you don’t hear early enough.

    Ladies do need to be a lil bit more open otherwise boys tend to overthink or overdo.

    as for First Date Sex. *shrugs* to each his/her own, let the devil take the hindermost. just do what comes natural ^_^

  11. Like CeCe, I always text to say thank you and/or I had a great time. My text is usually indicative of if I want to do it again. If I gush or make a reference back to a joke or something, that means I’m into it. If I’m just polite- thank you and I hope you got home safe, –well….

    Regardless, I’m a tad over-analytical so I replay every part of a date in the days afterwards…

    Re sex on a first date, I say go for it! I’ve never done it, but I’d like to meet someone I clicked with so much that there was no point waiting. That, it seems to me, is the jackpot, no?

  12. lol laughed at this i find it a bit immature if you like a person and theres a spark you enjoy a night together maybe more you know instantly if its going to be holding hands for weeks months years after thats if you both adore each other and met your soulmate if not then enjoy your date and say goodbye hmm lol xxjen

  13. @highlandblue…I think the reason why girls don’t give feedbacks on date is cus it was horrible. I mean, we don’t wanna hurt your feelings after you nicely proposed the date & spent money & time.

    Anyway, I have never been on a good date! Reason being that I am terribly shy when meeting people for the 1st time & ….. Oh! Pause! I have been on one & the guy made me feel very comfortable; no stutters, no awkward moments. What runs through my mind after whatever date is PLS don’t invite me for another one.

    No matter how much attracted we are to each other, I DO NOT expect a guy to touch me on our first date…ability to hold out is bliss (I’m African like that). If you do it & I call you for a glass of wine, PLS DO NOT come!

  14. LOL!!! @ d God of second chances…and am learning babes r more 4giving of a flop dan guys diz daez…b4 twas d oda way round… Funke is brave and I wanna b like her wen I grow up, no I wanna meet som1 like her mystery man wen I grow up :)….*Sent from my Blackberry smartphone provided by Etisalat Nigeria* 😉

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