Welcome back to the Ugly Truth.

I promised myself a break after “date days” and i indeed took it.

i have started work on another series but that should start next week.

Today i have a friend and highly intellectual writer gracing my blog.

Pardon me for the depth of the Post. i am sure you will figure it out 😀

Its @MegaPar. Enjoy

She hugged him tightly.

Maybe if she held tight enough she could generate enough heat to reach down into the depth of his soul. Some warmth.


Why did he have to do this?

She had seen him before. Strutting around the camp with his young daughter. Laughing. They had walked over to the meadow and he had picked out daises and made a garland for her hair. He had tickled her and she had laughed. A laugh that it seemed only children could have. An innocent laugh. One not yet aware of the perils of the world. The hate. The unfounded fear that haunts one as soon as they reach puberty.

The girl had spoken in German but she knew enough to catch her say “I love you, Father. He had then kissed her on her forehead and called her his angel”.

They seemed so happy. They seemed like people. He seemed like he had a heart.

Maybe if she held him tight enough he could remember how to use it.

She fell to the floor. Blood pouring out off her nose.

“Choose!” He shouted.

“I can’t” she cried in-between bubbles of blood from her now broken nose. She didn’t even notice.
He held her life behind her. Her reason. Her definition. Her babies.

Born almost a minute apart. The delivery was almost painless. They were her angels. They had not complained when they had to wear jewish stars to school. Not caused any trouble when she could find no food in the harsh French winter as they tried to escape the tyranny that had descended on their home.

“Choose one of them” He screamed again, spittle spraying against her face.

It reminded her of the sea breeze. Back when life made sense. Back when people were people.

“I can’t! “ She screamed.

“Just kill me please but spare my children.”

“You can’t make me choose”

Her angels. Even now they comforted her. Told her not to worry. Told her it would be alright. Said they would wait for her with Michael in heaven.

He reached for his holster. Pulled out an instrument made solely for the distribution of death. He held it to her temple.

It was cool. Cold. Solid. There. More real than anything you could ever imagine.

She laughed. Right before you die you can feel everything. Your senses go into overdrive as they try to collect as much data before they are forever laid-off. Put to stable. Like old race horses turned into glue.

Is this the way it was going to end? On a dusty road? In front of her children?

Her last thought before her brains hit the pavement were,

“He has a nice bulge though”

Have you ever had a perception about someone or something prove to be false when you meet and have relations with them?

Have you had to sacrifice yourself for things/people so dear to you?

What did you make of this piece?

I really need you to share your thoughts using the comment box.



27 responses to “Trolling

  1. Mehhhhn! The chick be thinking about dick on her “deathbed”.

    That’s worse than suicide. Michael won’t be waiting for you oh.

  2. “He had a nice bulge tho”…..lmaooooo serious
    Havin a perception abt sum1/sumfn being false…always
    Sacrifice….I shudnt insert an Hyperlink here ryt?? Lol

  3. Me I still don’t get this story sha. And I’ve read it twice over. Reminds me of a scene in a movie ‘For Colored Girls’
    Why didn’t her kids scream and bite their dad’s ears!

  4. Smh at death door and she thinks about dick..
    Yes met people who I totally misread at the first encounter. That is the main reason why I have stopped judging people by appearances (physically and intellectually)…first impressions no longer count for me. People only show the side they want you to know. I have not sacrificed myself for anyone or thing before (if u don’t count time as sacrifice)

  5. If any of you has had a near death experience, you would know the randomest shit come to mind. This is tres deep though. Shout out to the people who have to go through abuse everyday. God will be with them

  6. i have read profiles of prolific serial killers, Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dharmer, and seen faces of pure evil, the norway dude, the virgina tech dude and the DC snipers, etc…those guys dont look different. You cannot judge a man’s actions by his appearance. It is not possible. A lot of peeps try to connect dots about a person’s personality from his appearance, fashion sense and mannerisms. Its impossible….like trying to tell a person’s HIV status from his/her face

  7. This story is so beautifully written.

    I think I get the story behind the story. This story is most likely set in the era of World War II.

    War changes a man. For better, or for worse. But if he must take sides, it always turns him into an animal.

    Good job, Megapar. Now following 🙂

  8. I like this story.

    I believe it’s set in the WWII era and he’s supposed to be a Nazi officer, she and her kids, probably jews. Heartfelt story, nice build-up, good writing…

    Sadly, I feel the last line ruined the story. My opinion…

  9. Err… So is he gonna like FEED on the one he kills? 😐
    Sometimes, we assume someone is a particular way and then scream blue murder when they don’t turn out the way we wanted them to.
    Situations change people as well. I mean, look at the lady too, she went mad b4 she died. Smiling at bulges. Lmho!
    Nice piece.

  10. this is a really good post. i wish it was longer tho, to provide deeper background about the characters…

  11. Errrrr…
    I’m not the one to talk but it’s say good story that could have been written better. I’m not sure what went through your mind as you wrote but the story wasn’t all together. You seemed to be aiming for too many conclusions all at once.

    Nevertheless, I do get the feel of it, what you were trying to achieve with it, but you should know that women never find their enemies sexy. NEVER. Not like a man can manage.

    I’d love to read you again.

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