The Red Lipstick

Hello once again. Its nice to finally grace my blog again with a post. I intentionally took a break after the dating series to recharge my batteries and work on a few blogposts as well.

Today we start a new series by myself and @deolaaa following the intrigues of a girl who goes on a blind date and falls for the date and thus begins a romance that’s comes with twists, turns, suspense and hopefully a happy ending.

I give you, The Red Lipstick Enjoy!

“I can’t wear this red lipstick, Tolu. I mean it is not even my date”, she said, stressing the ‘my’, as she made for the box of Rose tissues inside her wardrobe & started to clean her lips.

Tolu just sighed. She sighed because she was tired of trying to convince Reni that although the date wasn’t hers in the first place, she had now been included & didn’t need to feel like a third leg.

“Is this pink better?”, Reni asked, pouting her lips in Tolu’s direction, “I think it is beautiful and not too loud”, she added.

“Well, its OK!. Can we please leave now? They’ve been waiting for the past 10 minutes”, she replied, trying as much as possible not to sound irritated.

“OK! One last thing, biko, hope my dress isn’t too revealing? I don’t want one guy staring at my boobs all night”

“No Reni! He is a nice guy. Although I haven’t met him, Segun said he is his good friend and he is quite decent”

That was the third time Tolu would say those exact words to Reni and she always got the same reaction – a yimu.

Tolu & Reni had been best friends since secondary school & they also shared the same room in University. Their friendship waxed stronger as they went through thick and thin together.

Tolu met Segun the same day Reni caught her boyfriend pants down with his bestfriend’s girlfriend.

She had gone to buy sharwarma for herself and reni, knowing she would be back anytime soon.

“Can I pay for that?”, a voice asked.

Tolu turned to look at the guy with the cutest voice she had heard since her first crush- her secondary school English teacher.

She declined the offer but gave him her number after he had asked politely, while she blushed on the inside, like a teenager on her first date.

Segun was his name.

She strolled into their room, humming the chorus of Brick & Lace’s Love is Wicked, and met Reni sniffing with her face in her pillow.

Hiding her excitement perfectly, she listened to her bestie’s heart-breaking story of how her boyfriend, Diran, had confessed to her that he had been sleeping with the girl constantly for the past 3 months.

“The annoying thing is that I told Diran just 3 days ago that the girl was overly nice to me when we met at the faculty”, she mumbled amidst sobs.

“We joked about it. I was a fool, a big fool Tolu”, she added, slumping into her friend’s lap.

Tolu’s throat was dry. She didn’t know how to console her friend. She immediately wishe d she had told Reni about the time she saw Diran and the girl together at the school car park.

Maybe that would have made a difference. She thought to herself.

“Reni?”, she called her name while patting her back gently, “I’m really sorry”.

The statement was filled with pity and regret.

One week and numerous boxes of tissues later, Reni finally smiled. She also made up her mind to break up with Diran, thus ending 5 months of dating.

When Segun finally invited Tolu for a date, she agreed but asked if they could have a 2-way date so her bestie would “meet a new guy” from his pool of friends.

Segun agreed to hook her up with his good friend that had been single for a long time- Muyiwa.

“He’s just a distraction jor”, Tolu told Reni the 1st time she informed her about the 2-way date.

The drive to La Chateau restaurant was very eventful. They discussed topics that ranged from weird names people give their restaurants and reasons behind it to the causes of natural disasters. Muyiwa, being a Geologist, took them through a simple explanation of how earthquakes and Tsunamis occur.

Reni was both impressed and captivated by him; his lips movements & gestures did not get unnoticed by her.

One time, when Segun drove through a bend, she even allowed her body brush Muyiwa’s, while she chuckled and tried to get her weave stuck to her lips off her face.

At the restaurant, Muyiwa brought up the idea of each ordering a different meal from the other and then, everybody would have a taste of each meal.

All seated at the table, between long hmmmmm’s when a meal tasted good and a straight face when it tasted strange and laughs, they looked like a group of happy couples from a scene of “How I met your mother”.

Tolu kept side-eyeing Reni and was very happy she was getting along with Muyiwa; the first sign being holding each other’s hands when the newly-introduced “couple” strolled to the cinema after the meal.
She wasn’t surprised when she saw her friend rest her head on her date’s shoulder in the theatre.

So much for “I’m just going to eat while you and Segun do your thing”, she thought to herself happily.

“They sure are getting along”, Segun said while reaching for Reni’s hand.

She nodded affirmatively.

A comfortable silence swept the car on their way home. Segun and Tolu sat infront while Reni rested her head on Muyiwa’s shoulder on the back seat. She soon drifted to sleep and jerked away when there was a gallop. Muyiwa patted her to sleep, stroking her bare arms.

They both saw the girls to their door. Muyiwa and Reni exchanged phone numbers and while Segun kissed Tolu on the lips to say goodnight, the second couple exchanged a long, passionate hug. It was obvious both wanted more but just held out. They felt the fire building up inside them.

A few weeks, various long chats into the night, many unplanned brunches later, Reni started to warm up to muyiwa’s mien.

She was sure she liked him and the feeling was mutual but memories of how her ex had treated her made her have second thoughts.

She couldn’t confide in tolu as she had conflicting interests with segun in the picture.

After more wrangling with her mind she finally agreed to date muyiwa and promptly called him to tell him.

He was ecstatic as well.

She was hesitant but knew the plunge was a necessary step if she was to have any closure from Diran.

“YES!”, Tolu screamed with a fist pump when she received the news, “we are dating friends”, she flipped her hair and winked.

Reni laughed heartily.

She added one more blackberry messenger lovestruck emoticon to the “I MISS YOU ALREADY” she had already typed & hit the enter key.
Have you ever had your spouse confess infidelity to you?

How did you handle it?

What do you do in the aftermath?

Have you gone on blind dates before?
Know someone who has?
Do they work?

Can you see yourself in any of the characters?

Use the comment box and share an opinion with us.

P.S. This series will come up every wednesday till it rounds up.



38 responses to “The Red Lipstick

  1. hahahahaha…I have no dating/relationship experience,but this just makes me wanna go out there and pay for a girl’s sharwarma!!! nice.

  2. Mehn…all the relationship stuff aside, Diran na very good bad guy men. He had been dating Reni for 5 months and sleeping with HIS BESTFRIEND’s BABE for 3 months. Faithful for the space of 2 months.

    *Otis scream*

    My kinda guy.

  3. But bule how many question person wan answer for here?
    Have u…did u…wot is can u…na questionnaire???

  4. I have sort of been on a blind date before, this guy got my number from the ICAN tutorial I attended, in short he was stalking me with phone calls so I agreed to meet him.

    On that faithful sunday, I chose somewhere close to my house and gave him time. The guy called me to say he was almost there so I left my house so I won’t be late/rude. I got there before him and as I parked my sister drove by with her friend from seeing a movie at the cinema. They reversed and stopped and asked what I was doing at chicken Republic and they decided to keep me company then….

    Some ‘FAIR’ guy with a Pastor Chris ‘Jerry curls afro’ walks by and my sis said I hope that’s not your date, I’m like What? Before I could blink the guy was making a call and my phone rang (I said a quick prayer then ‘oh God pls don’t do this to me’) and alas! It was him. My sis n her friend burst out laughing and went home. I solemnly walked in to meet him.

    To cut the long story short, it was awful he talked about himself and his accomplishments and how (in his mind) he looks like a ‘happening guy’ (I wanted to die right there) but he’s a cool humble guy. Oh yeah, he bought Five alive for us to share *rme* and didn’t ask anything about me.

    The saddest part was when I got home, everyone burst out laughing. And my mum said oh, she heard my new boyfriend is an ‘afin’ (albino). It was a joke in my house for like a month.

    In my opinion don’t go on a blind date. *sad memories*

  5. An awesome start for Reni and a lovely way to get over her ex… It really doesn’t matter how a couple meet, what matters is how they’re able to commit themselves to their relationship and a bunch of other boring stuffs… Waiting for the next post BB!

  6. Nice post btw… Save d confessions! Cos even afta d break up, it still hurt! Let deal wit d fact dt u cheated dont want to bother wit d details……

  7. My question is “How comfortable is it for best friends (girls) that date friends?” I’ll assume guys don’t really mind.

    I’ll gve an example—» My bestie & I once dated roommates & friends in school. She started dating one 1st & the 2nd one & I started later. It was really awkward meeting my bestie in the my boyfriend’s room (which is also her boyfriend’s)…u get the drift sha.

  8. Wow! See movie…*drops bag of popcorn* applause, I cant wait till next wednesday…sha dnt go and let Tolu and segun scatter o, let all d “twists” end wif Reni and Muyiwa THANKS! ☺

  9. Some questions missing from the questionnaire:
    Have you ever confessed infidelity to a spouse?
    Ans: Yes

    How did the spouse handle it?
    Ans: Aside from calling me names, she stormed out of my life and threatened to deal will me.

    What did you do in the aftermath?
    Ans: Made damn sure I didn’t pass through her house on my way home. Her brothers had it in for me

  10. The title attracted me 1st,I love red lipstick! The story’s really nice,makes u belive there’s still hope 4 the broken-hearted 🙂 I think I’m def subscribing to this blog

  11. Lol. Good job, people! Love is magical, and then people wake up. After that, they hardly sleep deeply anymore. Just a number of catnaps.

  12. The first girl I fell in love with was my roommate’s gf;he even caught us kissing….well dt was years ago;let’s see au dis story unfolds

  13. Great Post Bro. Have I ever been on a blind date? I think not unless you count going on a date with a girl you met and collected her number under the influence. Its happened that a few times I don’t really remember what said girl looks like till she shows up. Go figure.

  14. Lmao! @Terdoh’s comment.
    Hian! Baba Blue! How Many Questions?
    Anyways, My boyfriend has confessed infidelity to me before. I did not talk to him for almost a month. I forgave him tho. Especially for the fact that he told me! We broke up after a year.

  15. Read this yesterday and it kind of messed up my day. It is a lovely post. The sun shone again for her which is good..fortunately or unfortunately its still raining in my life.. Can’t wait for wednesday

  16. Nice piece mehn… Off to read the sequel 🙂 …
    Ummm,yes I’ve been on a blind date.did it work? Hell no!!! Why? Avatars can be decieving.. 😦 .. I just sat through the whole movie, thinking of my call of duty I gave up to be there. Sad ish. The babe no try. 😦

  17. LOOL! @ChykElfarooq_RJ’s comment.

    This story is sooo nice.

    I’ve never been on a blind date before & infidelity has never been confessed to me before. I found out & I didn’t speak to him for a week after which we officially broke up.Its a deal-breaker.
    Off to read the sequel.

  18. Nice post. Pastor Chris Jerry curls,hahaha.
    I suspected an ex of infidelity once and coupled with all his annoying attitude,decided to break up.
    He confessed after we alrdy broke up(when I didn’t give a shit nomore,Ode boy).
    Its been 4yrs now,we havnt seen since then but we are almost besties.

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