The Red Lipstick

‘The Red Lipstick’ continues today. Its a story that looks into the life of two close female friends as they fall in love. Along with all the drama, intrigues and temptations that comes with that.
If you missed the first episode, do go here Episode 1 so as to follow the story properly.
It is jointly written by myself and @deolaaa. This is Episode 2.


It was over a game of “truth and dare” many weeks later that Reni told Muyiwa about her last relationship and the drama that ended it. Glasses of wine in hand, Michael Buble playing in the background, she gently narrated how the whole relationship fell apart while tracing out the lion’s eyes on the beautiful brown centre-piece where they we’re both seated.

The light from the home theatre reflected lazily on Reni’s eyes. Muyiwa could see the sadness in her eyes, even with the dim light. He moved closer to her on the floor where they were both seated.

“That’s all actually”, Reni said, blinking quickly to stop the tears welled up in her left eye from dropping.

Muyiwa stood up swiftly and pulled up his girlfriend.

“You look really beautiful and I’m never going to treat you bad”, he said softly into her ears.

It started as small pecks around the lips and graduated quickly to fast and hungry kisses. The kiss lasted the whole of Buble’s “Haven’t Met You Yet”.

She hugged him tightly and fell asleep in his arms. This was a place where she could forget all her worries.

And she had a tonne of those worries.

She started noticing the crack in Tolu and Segun’s relationship when one night after he had called to ask her if Tolu was in the hostel with her because he didn’t get through to her phone. She didn’t know her whereabouts as well.

This happened about two more times until she started to suspect her friend a lot until finally she was proven right.

“No”, she said as segun once again asked if she had heard from his girlfriend, and she swiftly promised to call him once she had more information.

Some hours after that, she saw her get down from an unknown car through their room’s window.

She would have passed it off as one of her newly-met friends but the time was 10:49pm and the pair had shared what looked more than a friendly hug.

She quietly went back to her bed and pretended to read a novel.

Few minutes later, Tolu stepped in and Reni without saying welcome said “Segun has been trying to call you”, with her eyes still fixed on the novel.

“Oh! I turned off my phone jare. His wahala is too much”, she replied, wishing she had lied and just said her battery was low.

Without any reaction to her statement & the novel in her hands, Reni waited patiently, stiffling yawns, for Tolu to explain herself. She didn’t want to pry.

She could sense Tolu wasn’t in the talking mood and laid her novel down beside her bed.

She wondered why Tolu decided not to talk about this particular guy. They always talked about guys. That is what they did. No secrets.

Both girls slept off without saying a word to each other.

Very early the following morning, Reni, no longer able to keep it within her, gently tapped Tolu awake.

“Tolu”, she called in her most quiet tone, “what is happening between you & Segun?”

“Nothing. Did he tell you anything?”, she asked quickly, while adjusting her ankara cover cloth.

Reni sensed the agitation in her voice. She let it rest. She already knew what was happening.

Tolu’s phone rang at this time and Reni reached for it from her own bed and handed it to her surprised friend.

“What were you doing with my phone?”,she questioned her before picking the call.

Reni silently said a short prayer, hoping this went well.

After the call, Reni calmly told her how she saw her with a guy who is not Segun the last night and how she had read the chat between her and a certain Deji when she got up to use the restroom in the midnight.

“So, you are now going through my phone abi”, Tolu’s voice was starting to go up at this point.

“That’s not the point here and calm down. We always go through each other’s phones without wahala so just tell me what you have to hide”, she replied, still calmly seated on the stool beside Tolu’s bed.

“It is none of your damn business and stop policing me, ok?”.

“Are you cheating on Segun? Tolu.”

“Shut up!!!!!!”, Tolu screamed like she didn’t want to hear the words.

“Just shut up ok?! I don’t know what you saw but its none of your damn business”, she continued screaming.

Her voice was loud enough to wake up the neigbouring room occupants at this point and Reni knew better than to say anything else to her. She just quietly walked to her bed and fetched out her “Daily Manna” and Bible from under her pillow.

“We better serve God with action and not just words”, Tolu hissed as she laid back in her bed, covering her whole self with her cover cloth.

The following days, there was an eerie silence between them. They exchanged only a polite good morning when any of them woke up and a forced welcome when any got back from an outing.

Several attempts Reni made at talking to her friend were futile. She saw the guy drop her every night. She went through the pain of receiving Segun’s IM’s and calls every time promising him “she’s just having a moment and would come around”.

This continued for three weeks until Reni walked in on Tolu crying one day. She quietly sat with her and held her hand. After she had calmed down, she explained all that had been happening to her friend, without her asking.

“Reni, I kissed him today…and …and…”, she said amidst sobs, “I cheated on Segun”.

Reni wasn’t surprised, at least, not with the bbm messages she read on her phone.

“Its OK”.

“No, its not OK. Segun saw us. Red-fucking-handed and he…he just drove off”, she broke down in fresh tears.

Reni was sure she heard her heart skip. She felt so sad. She was sad because she knew what Tolu and Segun had was special; Too special to be messed up this way.

“What are you going to do now?”, she managed to ask with her jaw still dropped.

“I don’t know. I feel like dying. I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t even like Deji again”, she said in a rush.

“He is proud. He is…he is just not Segun”, she continued.

“Then he shouldn’t matter anymore” Reni burst out, as she felt her warm tear touch the back of her hand.

Some more tears and “its OK’s” later, both girls decided Reni should call Segun for a meet-up.

“You have to tell me everything if I will help you”, Reni told her friend, emphasizing the “everything”.

“That’s all…nothing more..I swear”, she replied.

After several pleas that very night, Segun decided to meet with Reni during his lunch break the following day.

Reni’s already prepared speech was forgotten when the obviously bitter Segun expressed how disappointed he was in her for not telling him about all this with the way he used to call her to talk to Tolu for him.

“I didn’t know they had gone that far”, she said in her defence, “I just read…”

“But you knew they were seeing each other, didn’t you?”, he cut her mid-sentence abruptly.

“I don’t have anything to say to both of you”, he added as he made his way back to his office.

This was deja vu for Reni as that was not the first time she was blamed for Tolu’s lack of judgement.

Tolu was the more spontaneous one;the goat. She was the more responsible and gentle member of the duo; the sheep.

She was supposed to have shown some maturity.

She watched Segun walk into the rotating door.

She couldn’t blame him. She would be really upset too if she were in his shoes.

She felt total joy and relief when a week and half after the whole mess, she received an SMS from muyiwa and it read “Baby, I’ll be back in Lagos later this evening. Mr. O permitted me to leave early. Can’t wait to see you,kisses” ; joy because she would get to see her boyfriend after a week apart and relief because she could take a break from all the drama with Segun and Tolu.

The couple were still not speaking. Tolu cried all the time. Segun did not pick her calls and anybody that made an attempt to talk to him for Tolu, was cut off. He was done.

Muyiwa came in to the nice smell of fish stew in his apartment, Reni had used her spare key and decided to make it a surprise for him. She ran into his arms and they shared a passionate kiss, something they had both missed.

She told him how she couldn’t wait to give him a low-down of all that had happened over the past week after he was done with his bath and food.

She heard the hiss of the gas as the boiling rice water fell onto the burner. She quickly made her way to the kitchen but Muyiwa pulled her back and kissed her more hungrily than before.

“I never want to lose you Reni”, he said, looking into her eyes with his lips still on her mouth.

“Are you ok dear?”, she questioned.

The gas hissed one more time and she detached herself from him to tend to the food.

After shower and food, he told her about his trip and how his plane was filled with a whole lot of old people.

“I thought about you throughout. No eye candy at all”

They both laughed.

Reni gisted him about the whole Tolu-Segun debacle.

“They will both come around”, he simply said.

They both settled on the couch and again she found his ever so comforting arms as they sat to watch a romantic movie, but Reni could sense his distance from the movie and she promptly hit pause on the PVR remote control and snuggled up to him.

“Baby, what is going on?”, she asked.

Muyiwa grabbed her to kiss her again.

“I have missed you”, he said.

Reni resisted and told him he had to tell her what was really going on.

He sighed.

“I applied for a job a few months back and I just received a mail yesterday, saying I got the job”, he said unexcitedly.

“Yayyyy”, Reni chimed, “that’s a good thing right? I mean its a good offer, isn’t it?”. She was giddy with excitement.

“Well, except there is a “but’. Is there a ‘but”?”, she asked, with her teeth clenched and her eyebrows raised.

“Its in Sweden and I leave in four days”, Muyiwa replied.

Her lower jaw dropped. She was visibly surprised.

“We’ll work it out”, she said quietly, faking a smile.

Hours later, she got home and wanted to tell Tolu every single thing that happened earlier and just figure out a next move.

She rushed to the bathroom to empty her filled bladder and almost knocked Tolu out of the way. She was crying again.

She sighed and after she was done easing herself, she went to meet Tolu and hugged her.

“Segun will come around. He loves you”, she consloed her friend, “in fact, I think we should go to the new bar and get some drinks. You’ve not gone out in 2 weeks”.

Tolu’s sobs became stronger. Her body trembled against Reni’s body.

It was the kind she cried when Segun first told her he was done. Somehow, along the way, the cries had gotten subtler.

Something new had to be up, Reni thought to herself. They read each other like books.

“What is wrong?”, she asked, still hugging her.

“I’m pregnant Reni”.

Her shiny eyes told her she was not joking.

What can you draw from this story?

What will you do if you were in the shoes of any of the characters and can you identify with any of the characters?

Use the comment box and speak your mind.


See you next wednesday.


24 responses to “The Red Lipstick

  1. There was a point where I did not know if we were talking about Segun or Muyiwa..

    Its sha the classic saying – “You don’t know what ya gat until ya lose it”

  2. Same here. Had to really pay close attention to the pronouns. Interesting read. Well, I don’t expect Muyiwa & Reni to last. As for Tolu, I could predict this ending. All in a day’s work. (Y)

  3. ermm… Who is who? Is reni dating Segun too?? Or is muyiwa a twin? Im a lil lost!!! tolu di get what was coming t her…. I think its unfair to reni to be blamed for tolu’s behaviour..n emmm..i hope say no b Segun get d belle..hmmm

  4. So, he agreed to meet for lunch, got there, vexxed without discussing anything, and left? Ode ni e!!

    *sigh* touching stuff. Amazing thing is, girls do this a lot. You have an amazing boyfriend, but you still want to test the waters. It’s just greed. Reni should leave her botfriend. LDRs are a dead end.

    • Dts if d belle is 4 segun! But who knows, a guy (dt I know) almost took responsibility 4 his gf’s pregnancy 4 anoda guy. Boiz can act d mumu role vewy well indeed!

  5. Its hard, real hard, to tell ur friend”s bf that she’s cheating on him. What if they “use u” to kiss and make up? That friend is gone forever, u are considered a snitch. And life goes on for them. U end up looking stupid. Almost every1 one wld ask how it was ur business. You start to look like u were after d guy or something ridiculous like that. (It happened to me o! So I know) so u just learn to mind ur business.
    Reni’s relationship might n might not survive the distance. U never really know with these things.
    Since tolu only kissed d other guy, me thinks d baby wld be for her bf… Unless she lied to Reni sha.

  6. Chaiii see as muyiwa gbagaun for text msg…
    Y shud she be pregnant? Can’t they zip up

    Is ds where muyiwa travels n reni falls for segun in d name of nearest is dearest?

  7. well, nothing is new under the sun. Everyone has a reason for their actions. In the midst of true happiness, people still do stupid things to wreck it. In this case, the baby has just brought a new set of problems.. I hope she does whatever it is that would put her on the right path.

  8. I swear this was just like an Afmag film except its written not watched….although I feel enough depth wasn’t accorded to tolu and seguns back story..good and exciting read tho..

  9. Men RARELY forgive infidelity even wen they r equally guilty(Its a man’s world afterall), so I dnt see Segun forgiving Tolu. D baby news will only make him run twice as fast since dere is a possibility dt he’s nt responsible. As for Reni n Muyiwa, a breakup looms;long distance relationships r ALMOST ALWAYS never successful.

  10. In my opinion…

    Segun is a pussy! You mean you caught your babe…your own babe…nobody else’s babe, yours oh! Nacking a guy… and you walked away, and didn’t say a word?

    Not one word?

    Where the koboko will come from, ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯ but I will so beat…both of you. Oh dear God.

    Your last words will be “Ejoo, ε ma binu”

  11. Dis i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ so on point.G8t Job Femi α̲̅πϑ Deola. Abt Reni α̲̅πϑ Muyiwa,we neva kan tell. Doe distance causes strain in relationships bt sm stil survive.Very few doe so Reni α̲̅πϑ Muyiwa myt.Abt Segun α̲̅πϑ Tolu,all i can D̶̲̥̅̊ǿ i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ L̳̿Ö̤̣̇☺ː̗̀(=)))ː̖́☺Ö̤̣̇L̳̿.where dy ngagin in pre-marital sex?If Yes,d baby myt b Segun’s α̲̅πϑ if ♑,d ansa i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ obvious.

  12. Terdoh lol but they were not nacking na.

    Nice story, l like. Almost started crying when Tolu said she was pregnant, complicated things mehn! *sigh*

  13. @ibetapassmynebo: ooooo, dnt put ideas in my head jor. I wanna be surprised when I read it.
    Beautiful piece, but d story don dey carry K-leg waka allen…

  14. Nice! Nice! .. But wait wait,No welcome back sex for Muyiwa? 😦 yes? No? .. No i-just-got-a-job-in-sweeden-sex either? 😦 … Awesome piece tho. (Y) great job. Must read the last one b4 I sleep.

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