The Red Lipstick

Hello. Welcome to the Red Lipstick Series. Following the rather interesting love lives of two friends Reni and Tolu.
If you are here for the first time please catch up on Episode 1 , Episode 2 and Episode 3 to fully understand the story.

It is jointly written by @deolaaa and myself. This is Episode 4. Enjoy.

“Reni, this thing don dey pass revenge oh”, Tolu said jokingly as she paused her angry birds game on her laptop to look at her friend in front of the mirror.

“No, it’s not”, Reni replied working her fingers through her curly weave, “trust me, it is not”

“But its the fifth month now. Even a tortoise that is slow doesn’t need that long to plan a revenge”

Reni’s fingers got stuck in the weave. It had really been 5 months. 5 months…5 menstrual cycles…5 fingers in the weave, thoughts played in her head.

“It is nothing Tolu”, she said unconvincingly.

Tolu did not say anything. She had nothing to say.

She was the miserable one. At least, Reni had a guy that still called her every morning and checked up on her when she was sick.

She had nobody!

It felt like she was being punished for cheating on Segun. Her punishment came in the form of the guys she had been meeting lately. It had been almost 7 months after her relationship ended with Segun and she still hadn’t met any guy she could even be friends with, not to talk of date.

The one she recently met and thought they had chemistry, called her some days back to borrow him money. They had not even gone on their first date and he asked her for money!

“This is the worst boy-meet-girl moment of my life”, she had told Reni.

Tolu was starting to get jealous of her best friend. Reni was so stuck in her revenge that she barely had time for their normal gist again.

“Revenge”, Tolu said to herself as she hoped it was still that because it was only Reni who couldn’t see that this was getting a bit more than vengeance.

Reni was not her. She didn’t have an evil bone. It was easy for Reni to get carried away. She would have been able to execute the vengeance perfectly but Reni was just…Reni.

Diran was taking too much of her bestie’s time and she wanted it to stop. For herself, for their friendship and for Reni.

Reni had one last look at the mirror, pouted for good measure, picked up her bag and said goodbye.

She was gone again. Tolu resumed her game. That was all she ever did- pause and resume games, and when she was tired, she slept off.

Reni knew she still had her game intact though there were sometimes when she doubted this fact herself. Sometimes when she had to remind herself of her mission.

She could have ended the relationship the first time she noticed Diran was getting serious with her. The first time he told her he didn’t want to ever lose her again, but she stayed. She wanted to wait little more till he got more serious so her revenge would be more painful.

The only snag was that part of her liked the new Diran and if not for Tolu’s constant line of “once a cheat, always a cheat”, Reni might have just allowed herself fall totally again for Diran. He was being the perfect boyfriend now and Reni knew she might just be too weak to carry out the revenge.

Diran just got back from Yola and he planned a dinner date. It was one of their numerous dates since their relationship started. Reni spotted Diran chatting with their porter. He looked breathtakingly handsome and she had missed him.

“You look good”, Diran told her as soon as she saw her, pulling her close for a side hug.

He smelled good too. What else did she want?

Diran made sure they had a dinner date at least once every week whenever he was in town and Reni enjoyed every bit of the date. She enjoyed it better when they were in his house, just cuddled up.

While Diran and Reni were eating, she received Tolu’s bbm message. It read “I feel neglected. You have not had my time since Diran. I know you’re happy but I miss hanging out with you and our long gists into the night. Anyway I just want to warn you about him. Don’t get your heart into it. That is all, love T XoXo”.

Diran noticed her change in mood almost immediately.

“Reni, are you OK?”

She quickly nodded and smiled.

It was the most fake smile he had seen on her lips.

Diran let it pass.

Meanwhile back home, Tolu got a text from Segun; “Hey tolu, how are you? Just saw your number and decided to say hello. Hope you’re good? I actually missed you. Take care of you. S”.

She pondered on a reply for minutes and knowing well that she still didn’t understand his reason for checking up on her, she typed “hi segun, I’m doing absolutely great. Hope you are good too? Bye Tolu”.

She lied.

She most definitely wasn’t “absolutely great”. She needed her friend now and she was out with a man she shouldn’t be with. She didn’t even respond to her earlier bbm message despite the ‘D’ turning to ‘R’.

She dozed off while playing her game.

She knew not to expect Reni. She might or might not come home that night.

The familiar sound of the key in the lock woke her. She didn’t know how or what to feel. She turned on the bed and mumbled a silent welcome amidst yawns.

She planned to go back to sleep but the smell of the chinese food Reni brought with her was irresistible.

Reni didn’t need to tap her awake. She quickly sat in her bed to down the food, at least, she could say she enjoyed Diran’s food.

She once jokingly told Reni that she knew Diran was trying to buy her likeness with food.

Reni just smiled. She smiled because Diran was actually not bothered about her best friend. They had never been friends, even when they first dated.

While munching her chicken, she caught Reni smiling at herself. The kind of smile she had on when something exciting happened to her.

“What’s the news oh?”, Tolu asked with her mouth full.

Reni beckoned on her to come closer and she stretched forth her hands to her and showed her a beautiful diamond ring.

“Diran proposed and I said YES”, she squealed.

The chicken tasted bland. Tolu’s oesophageal muscles glued shut. She couldn’t swallow. She needed to catch her breath.

“Its…its just…5…months. Are…you…mad?…” She managed to say while choking. She felt her vomits in her mouth.

She ran outside. She needed oxygen.

With her hand still hung, Reni burst into tears.

Things would never be the same again.

What happens next? Your guess is as good as mine.

But what will you do if you were in Reni or Tolu’s shoes?

Share your thoughts with us using to comment box.

See you next wednesday.



33 responses to “The Red Lipstick

  1. I don’t believe the “once a cheat always a cheat” thing. Maturity does things to people.
    Tolu needs to stop being a pant.
    So Reni saying yes means revenge mission has been aborted? I hope.I’d totally say yes tho. ยฏ\..(โ€ขอก.ฬฎ โ€ขอก )../ยฏ dude is a keeper.

  2. proposed……… i felt d same tension tolu experienced. Is she mad. i don’t even want to guess wat will happen next, just keep on bringing the surprises.
    Bule & Deola i salute ur skills

  3. Yaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!! I hope its a happy ending for Reni though, cos u see, when a man cheats, he can change o, but it takes a whole lot.

    And for Tolu, i still say an ex is an ex…well except he’s coming straight to put a ring on it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Diran ma guy! Sharp shooter

    Lemme act the spoiler and tell you all how this goes.

    -Diran and Reni eventually get married, because bad guys don’t take no for an answer
    -Tolu’s ex boyfriends all meet and have an orgy with themselves. Gay basterds
    -(I mean, they have to be gay. Who doesn’t like a girl that plays Angry Birds?)
    -Tolu becomes a lesbian because apparently, nobody with a penis wants her
    -Diran likes lesbians.

    The end.

    • Terdoh, I see the sickness is evolving. E no fit better ever again. Lemme go notify the morgue and undertaker that they should start preparing to receive you…

  5. 1st @nuttyqama…once a cheat alwaiz a cheat is sooo true. R u kidding me, maturity? What carried him 2 yola lon lon…Anyways I think Reni needs a CATscan of her brain she’s got a tumor and it is called FOOLISHNESS…ode ni baby yi…

  6. People change, and sometimes it takes a dumb mistake 2 realise how much u want to be wif a person. And as long as a cheater is willing 2 change, all that’s needed is love to be the energy needed to facilitate the change. That being said, I have this feeling Tolu is a closet lesbian :p lol. Lovely piece

  7. when i wanna watch criminal minds SS 2 For instance i dont take a break once i do. .dats d end 4 SS 3-6 . . .pls end ds story already. . Lol. .nice one. .i hop d nxt doesnt take 3wks

  8. Reni should have listened to Tolu!
    LOL @ all the comments.
    @Terdoh, I’m a badass in Angry Birds ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Tolu is jealous of her frnds hapines,U can advise ur frnd to be careful but not vengeance. Reni on the other hand shld be bold enough to tell her wat she feels; bur its too late now anyway … Their friendship is at risk.

  10. “Its a revenge” “I said Yes”. This Reni na oniranu jare.
    How can you go from planning a sweet revenge to accepting a marraige proposal. Is marriage a 2week seminar?
    Had evilish fun reading all episodes today,I have Bule nd Deola to blame for my lack of concentration in class. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. :O Didn’t see a proposal coming.

    Reni, Reni, Reni, *sigh* The whole proposal thing just seems very one kind. Could work out though.

    Tolu, drama queen! She needs to calm down. Btw, why is Segun texting her now sef? The dude had better make up his mind.

    Got a kick out of reading all 4 episodes today.

  12. WTF?!?

    This isn’t what I was promised!!! All you serial writers just like to piss me off!! *picks up chair and throws it at nearby window*


    Reni is a ho!
    And Tolu is a ho-hating ho!
    Segun is sexually confused.
    And Diran has no life purpose. Yola ke? To do what na?

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