The Red Lipstick (Finale)

Today @deolaaa and I will be wrapping up this ‘The Red Lipstick’ series. It came as a spin off from datedays and we just explored the love life of two close friends as they faced challenges and battled odds in their pursuit of Happiness.

If this is your first time here, please read Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3 and Episode 4 to catch up on what has happened thus far.


The days flew by faster than Tolu and Reni’s friendship. Conscious efforts were made by both parties to avoid speaking about the proposal or even the forthcoming wedding; Reni spent more time with Diran, while Tolu, the angry birds.

She knew she was the unstable and flippant one but Tolu’s conviction was strongly against Diran. So strong that she could not even pretend to be happy for her friend of almost ten years. Something did not feel right about all this and she knew this was beyond the fact that they dated for just five months. She didn’t want to be the proverbial carrier of doom, so she decided she would act, instead of speak. She decided to speak to someone Reni still trusted. Someone both of them trusted and loved. A name that came to her mind was MUYIWA.

Two and half months to the wedding, Tolu reluctantly called up her ex to ask for Muyiwa’s new contact information. Segun was the last person she wanted to talk to but the determination to put the “wedding” right superseded her pride.

Segun requested to know why she wanted the information and wasn’t particularly excited to send them but after she pulled what she tagged as “ex strings”, she got what she needed.

Reni continued to plan her wedding.

Tolu continued her plan to crash the wedding.

Tolu was very surprised to learn that Muyiwa was back in the country. She was even more surprised when she realized he had been in contact with Reni and she didn’t know about it.

“You guys have really fallen apart”, he told Tolu on their first meet, “she even told me she was getting married”

“Yes! And to THAT her ex”, Tolu snapped, she couldn’t hide the disdain in her voice.

“So what have you guys been discussing?”, she inquired.

“Oh…well…the usual…just the usual…”

“What do you mean the….?”

Muyiwa interrupted her question.

“You know I came home because I thought if I pushed harder, I would still have a chance with Reni. I know I ended things rapidly but I didn’t know she would want to get married as soon as that”, he ranted.

“I’ve wished her all the best”.

She left the meet with mixed feelings: she was glad Muyiwa was back, but sad there was very little both of them could do about Reni.

Maybe I should just fall into the wedding plans and hope for the best for them, she thought to herself on her way home.


“So, how’s the wedding plan going?”, Tolu asked Reni while she was counting money.

She paused.

“What did you say?”

“I said how is…”

“No…no…I heard you. I’m just surprised.”

“Don’t be”, Tolu made way to her friend’s bed, “I’m so sorry I’ve not been involved all this while. My heart just couldn’t handle it”

“You are getting married and I feel you don’t even know who you are getting married to”, she continued, “even if I want to lose my bestie to a guy, It should at least be someone I get along with”

“You are not losing me Tolu and to be honest, I’m really scared too. This is a very huge step. What if I’m making a mistake”

“It is OK!”, she gently patted Reni’s back.

In the little time, they settled into discussing the wedding plans and aso-ebi. That was the thing with them: all they had to do was talk through their issues with each other and everything seemed perfect again.

“How is Muyiwa sef?”, Tolu asked as casually as she could.

“He should be OK” was Reni’s simple answer.


A month to the wedding, Tolu and Reni went for the final fitting of the bride’s dress.

Reni’s phone rang and she signalled to Tolu to take the call for her.

“Its Diran’s sister”, Tolu mouthed.

“Talk to her”

The voice at the other end was that of a perplexed woman.

“Where are you?”, she inquired.

“Beautiful Brides Fashion House”, Tolu replied.

She quietly walked away from Reni at the insistence of Diran’s sister to continue the call outside.

When she returned to Reni, Tolu couldn’t stop crying.

“What is it Tolu?”, Reni asked, worried.

Tolu took her outside and said “Diran is dead”.

She didn’t expect the thunderous slap that greeted her cheek. The slap had a blinding effect on her and when she finally regained her focus, Reni had started the engine and drove away.

She was still in her wedding dress.

Tolu sat down and sobbed.

“This can’t be Real” she mumbled to herself.


The birds were chirping away, the trees were swaying to the tunes of the wind. And there Reni was, oblivious to what was going on around her.

She wished the ground would open up and swallow her.

Rather, she stood over that spot, where the ground had opened up and taken a part of her already and he was somewhere 6ft below where she was.

Today was to be her wedding day but here she was visiting the grave of her spouse, her lover, her friend, her husband.

It had been 4weeks already and she still blamed herself for his death. Unanswered “what if’s”. What if she had not told him to come back from Abuja as quickly as possible because she wanted to show him the color of the reception hall? What if she had not met him at all? What if she had listened to Tolu? What if he hadn’t switched flights maybe he’d still be alive.

She was still shedding tears when she felt an arm over her shoulder, the arms felt familiar. She turned and saw Muyiwa standing before her looking all dapper.

He hugged and her and said Tolu had told him that she’ll most likely be here.
“Let me take you home”, he said.

The drive home was mostly silent. The air thick with sadness. Eventually, Muyiwa breaks the silence. “I have something for you in the glove box.” He pauses as Reni opens the glove box and pulls out a MaryKay gift set.

“Do you know what attracted me to you the first time we met?”

She slowly shook her head as she opened the oval box to reveal the cosmetics elaborately placed around the box. In the middle, was a ravishing red lipstick.

“Well, it was the red lipstick on you that night. Even though you usually don’t wear it, it fit you well. I want you to have this. Please wear this & put on your happy face, Reni”

“Okay” Reni fought back tears as she applied the lipstick. And, somehow, it did make her feel better. She smiled as she turned to face Muyiwa, inexpressible emotions welled up in her heart.

“I’m going back to Switzerland. Promise me you would take care of yourself”

“I will” she replied softly as they stared at each other. No words needed to be spoken.

Reni saw his eyes widen, heard him scream. She felt the car swerve violently. Heard the horns blaring around them as if from somewhere distant. The screeching tires. And finally, she saw the truck try and fail to avoid them.

He could hear the sound of the television and the footsteps of people as his eyes gradually opened.

The streams of sunlight gradually lit up his eyes and the first thing he laid his upon was Tolu who was asleep on the chair besides him.

“Tolu…..Tolu”, he called in his very faint voice.

She turned only to smile to see Him with his eyes searching around the room. She knew it meant only one thing, he was looking for Reni.

He looked at her eyes and could also see that she was trying to see pain and anguish as well but he didn’t want to believe.

And without saying a word, she walked up to him and shook her head and confirmed his fears that his Reni was gone.

She hugged Him and told him she would be there for him.

And he subconsciously knew she meant every word of her action and she felt very comfortable in his arms.

*************THE END***************


36 responses to “The Red Lipstick (Finale)

  1. Wat happened to the ‘nd dey all lived happy (abi its happily)ever after’No dere must be part 2 o,whr Reni wakes up nd marries muyiwa…

  2. Reni is still a ho. Even in death. Rest in Peace sha. Tolu will take over from you…

    “…comfortable in his arms…”

    Such. A. wHOre.

  3. Deola!!! Der’s enuf sadness in d world already, wat we need is tins to lighten us up n give us hope not d oda way around. Ahn ahn now!

  4. no oooooooooooo/……not this ending..not this ending…why wou…no buh why would u want both ov dem to die now..and d redlipstick??..woow expected a diff twistt….arrgghh!!..

  5. I just loooove the fact that it’s not the cliche ending of “And they Lived happily ever after” ….. Heck!! things happen in life jor …… the ending is perfect nothing do u jare ‘Baba Blue’ and deolaaa …. nice one (y) 😀

  6. Haba na!!!

    Not fair at all, there are other ways to find love than have Reni and Diran die…. Still waiting for the (grand) finale, someone needs to miraculously wake up from the dead.

  7. Me, I LOVE the ending. It was Muyiwa that jazzed Diran to die so that he can have tha Ho’ to himself. Why else do you think he was in the country?
    Abegi death to the whores, jare! The only flaw is that the Mumuyiwa survived. Tolu should just go back to angry birds, this one that she wants to take care of the Mumu. Whore!..

  8. Seriously guys, u couldnt find anoda way to end the story but to kill off the 2 interesting people? How come Tolu who was too jealous to wrap her head around her best friend being happy is the one who gets the happy ending?
    Like i said on twitter, u guys need to swallow happy pills

  9. Well this just goes to prove the fact that bad things happen to good pple and good things happen to bad pple, esp wen they repent… I like the ending, my only problem is that, the story was rushed… Especially the last 2 paragraphs, like you gouyz just wanted to end the story and move on… But despite that fact, it was still a beautiful ending… Kudos to both of you, hope you start another series, maybe something about guyz and friendship too, pple rarely write abt guyz and friendship…. You knw, the brother code and all. Well wat do I know….


  10. *whew* finally I get 2 read it and I am goin 2 kill Femi wen I lay my hands on him…but u should have killed muyiwa, tolu and segun too na…an end with “life’s too short” :p…Lovely read, but I do not like d end

  11. This feels rushed…I don’t mind them dying but I just felt like there was ‘something’ missing. Like something should have happened before they both died. And the hint at d Tolu/Muyiwa match seems far-fetched unless you’re trying to say the death was planned (then I’d clap cos that would be wicked..literally hehe) Excellent build up, average ending. Still not a bad read so keep it up!

  12. Its a story pple..rilly doesn’t mata ow u wntd it 2end…dis just goes 2show dt life isn’t always abt happy endings and you have to always deal the cards it offers you. Nice work guys..brilliant storyline.

  13. Terribly dissapointing end, and it was such a good story to be killed off in this way 😦
    Still nice work on the general story.

  14. I don’t like the ending, because I’m a sucker for happy endings, but its a story so… Its cool. I would have said it was rushed but then, maybe that’s how you intended it to be 🙂 good read!!

  15. Can I say something?! Who wrote this story abeg?! I was following the whole thing and I am most def not impressed with the end! Why should Reni die? And why should Tolu and Muyiwa now end up together? By the way, are Muyiwa and Tolu’s ex still friends?! It didn’t have to be a happy ending, but it seems to me like he got over Reni in like a flash, for Pete’s sake, the chic just died!

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