Life tosses some obstacles along your way and one is expected to count on experiences and learn lessons.
Other times, it just doesn’t Add up and we just wadewade through waters hoping for the best.

He hadn’t returned her calls. Not a single one. All the 34 times she called, he didn’t pick up his phone. He was leaving for his Masters Degree in Scotland in a week. She knew what this meant. But no. This wasn’t the average situation. He couldn’t just leave her like this. He dare not. He had only two really close friends that he did everything with and those two had left a week earlier for the same Masters Degree in Scotland. She didn’t have their numbers or anything like that and so there was no help there. She could…
“…and that is one of the reasons why it’s important to keep our eyes on the prize, the eternal glory lest we fall and lose out completely.” The pastor’s voice brought her back to where she was. She sighed. Eternal glory was presently not her central concern. She ran her hands over her skirt, adjusting the pleats as the pastor continued.
“Parents have a duty to their children, to ensure that they grow up immersed in the word of God and the understanding that the eternal glory is the ultimate…”
Yes, they should. She agreed. At least he had fulfilled that duty. She looked up at him but his eyes didn’t meet hers. She had helped him knot his tie this morning and managed a proud smile as the red tie sat beautifully against his white shirt from the pulpit where he stood. Being a pastor’s daughter wasn’t all bad. She only hated the incessant prayers, meetings and fellowships at her house. He wasn’t overly strict or restrictive. All he constantly said was “use your discretion and may the Lord guide you.” Her mother was the difficult one. Constantly going on and on about properly carrying the image of the pastor’s daughter and being a role model to the girls in the church because they all looked up to her. She didn’t care then and she didn’t care now.
“…brethren it is very essential and it cannot be over-emphasized. I’m not saying that the road is an easy one…” Her father brought back her attention. Oh yeah. The road she was currently on wasn’t an easy one. She hadn’t heard from Dapo in days.
She desperately wanted to tell him that she was late, by a week but he had been so busy with his preparations for school that she hadn’t been able to get a hold of him.
Later that night, she could barely look at their faces as they had dinner. It was even worse when he asked her to share the grace. Never in her life had she felt so guilty and as she said those words, the thought of her predicament sent a warm chill down her spine. She couldn’t wait to get to her room and get it over with.
As soon as she was done with the dishes, she ran up to her room as quickly as she could, made a quick stop to Adeola’s room and tucked in her little sister in bed with a kiss on her forehead. This had become a nightly thing. Dee wouldn’t sleep if  she didn’t show up and they both loved it. It had made them become very close over the last year even if the age gap was fairly considerate.
She quietly shut the door, tiptoed to her room and locked herself in her bathroom with the bag she had gotten from her best friend, Cynthia. She brought out the pack and proceeded to read the instructions; all she had to do was pee on a stick and she will be certain whether she was going to die or be murdered. Just three minutes more and her life would either continue as before or be changed forever…
It had been a few hours since she had seen the results and she had cried all night long. She wanted to talk to Dapo but he still hadn’t responded to any of her calls or texts. She cried herself to sleep and prayed that indeed there would be a ray of light in the morning.
She woke up to a text and a few missed calls from him and had hardly rubbed the sleep off her eyes before she quickly called the number back, “Dapo, where the hell have you been?! I’ve called you countless times!”.
“I am sorry, I have no excuses. If I try explaining it’ll sound like I’m telling lies so can I just apologize? How have you been?”
“Not good. Not good at all. We need to talk, Can we meet up today? It’s very urgent”.

“Ok.. Noon.”
“What do we do about this now?” , he asked as they sat in an eatery two streets away from her house. I’m going to school in a couple of days and you are going to resume for a new term in a couple of weeks as well.” He swallowed. “There is no way we can keep this.”
“What?! Are you telling me to abort it?”

He looked down at his hands and then looked at her, “Yes. This is the last thing we both need right now.”
She shook her head. “It’s bad enough that we have put ourselves in this predicament, and are not really ready for the consequences but I am certain I do not want to take it out. I will never forgive myself.”
She got home with a determination to tell her dad as soon as she could but was sceptical about telling her mother and what she could say or do to her so she had to bid her time.
Three weeks passed and she hadn’t summoned enough courage to tell anyone. She had started puking in the morning and quickly rushed to school everyday to avoid a slip and her mum stumbling on her secret.

She fell asleep during classes and just couldn’t, for the life of her, pay attention to anyone or anything. The body odour from their mathematics teacher, Mr. Akudo, usually not so bad, and drawing only scrunched up noses from the students, was suddenly unbearable for her. It felt like her whole body was suddenly awake. The sudden heaviness of her mammaries, strangely welcome at this time and the only thing that gave her some hidden joy as her A-cups were finally a full C, and the slightly heightened need to EAT any and everything, were the little bits that finally gave her away.

 Mother walked in on me when I was getting ready for school. This woman! Why did she always have something against knocking?! Mscheeew. I had only a bra on and there were empty wraps of Galaxy chocolate and tubes of ice-cream all over the floor.

She looked at my untidy bed and the surrounding junk-pile and was about to give me a speech on how it was shameful for a girl my age to still be told to clean up her room, when her eyes fell on my naked body. It was obvious from the way the blood drained from her face and the way her eyes went from simple disapproval to full blown shock, that she knew.
She shut the door and locked it, walked over to my bed, sat down, and stared at me like I was some stranger who had just walked into her home and sat at her table.

She asked how long, I said I didn’t understand what she was saying. 

She asked again, “How long?” This time with eyes so piercing, they sent chills coursing through my body. 

There was no point in hiding anymore. Mothers, they always know how to spot differences and she had birthed 3 of us, she KNEW.

“A few weeks.” I managed to muster.

“Ah! Aderonke Oluwasemilore Esther Adebiyi o ti pa mi!” She exclaimed.

“Omo pastor! I am finished.” She looked at my belly as her eyes moistened. “We have to tell your father. Please tell me you know who is responsible for it?” 

I was able to muster a crooked smile.

“I don’t sleep around mum, It happened once and this happened.”

A tear dropped from her eyes as I could sense her disappointment.  She was fighting hard not to show it but it was written all over her tone and her face.
After grilling me about Dapo and being rest assured that he was aware and wasn’t harboring any sinister plans to put me or the baby in harms way, she hugged me and told me she’ll stand with me as we told dad and would do all in her power to ensure he didn’t overreact.
“She has to get out of my house. None of my children is going to put the name I have worked for decades to build to shame. NO NO NO! She is leaving my house. What do you want the church council to say? The head pastor preaches everyday about sexual purity and yet his first daughter is pregnant at 17 and barely out of secondary school.”

“Daddy, you know that this isn’t the best course of action. I know you are angry but don’t punish her, she is already distraught as is.” 

She winked at me and i immediately understood what it meant. Off to my room I went, hoping for my miracle.
“If you kick her out, just know that i will leave with her and Deola. None of my kids is going to be left abandoned.”

I couldn’t stay away and this was the first thing i heard while eavesdropping. 

It was going to be a long night. 

God I need you now more than ever before.