Hello people.

We so far have discussed about the things that go on before dates, the perfect and not so perfect dates.

Hope you have learnt something. (If yes, you owe me money).

Today we have a brief recess and i just want to ask you one question.

What are the 5 things that are key for you on a date?

You know, the things you Really look forward to when going for one.

I got 4 friends of mine to answer this question just to give us all a head start and here is what they had to say.


A lot of things are important to look out for. But these 5 are key.

1. She must have a sense of humour.: I’m not looking for a comedian or anything. But a girl should be able to understand a joke.., a pun, sarcasms and intelligent banters. Even if she does all the receiving, so far she understands.

2. She should speak well. Good tenses and all. You know the drill.

3. Very hygenic. I’m a sucked for hygiene. She must be clean. Clean nails. Clean shoes. Clean teeth. Lol.
I hate underarm sweat patches. Its a major turn off.

4. confidence is a major turn on. A confident girl has my attention already. Confidence that doesn’t turn into pride. Her mannerisms. Her words. Her posture should reek of confidence.

5. This one is personal to me. I like people who don’t take themselves too seriously. Cos I don’t. If a girl has that ability, she has my attention already. A girl who can laugh at herself is a winner.


5 things that are a necessity for me on a date (both the guy and the date)

1) A (good looking) guy i like or atleast can tolerate ( i mean thats the only way i can eat my free food in peace :oI )

2) More often than not, i like doing fun activities with whoever im on a date with .. not just eating and watching movies;that gets boring.

3)this is linked to the guy …. he must be able to hold interesting and intelligent conversations; i really hate long awkward silences so he must be able to ensure that those don’t come up.

4) I wouldn’t get mad if he gets me a little gift :o) *whispers* tennis bracelet

5) last but not the least , he must smell nice.. i LOVE LOVE LOVE guys that smell nice.. he’ll probably wonder why im clinging on to him so much ; might even get a little frightened by me but a lovely masculine fragrance goes a looong way for me *swoons*


5 things I look forward to on a date…..

1) Appearance – his dressing, haircut, his perfume, tiny details like dirty or long nails, efo in between his teeth n most especially his SHOES…

2) Confidence: I am attracted to confident guys, once u can pull this off without looking or sounding cocky and arrogant. As well as being comfortable in your own skin without over-fronting for instance trying to phonerize and u mix up both BrE AmE with your shitta accent…….Disaster!

3) Communication – of course, ability to keep engaging me in interesting conversations. Without asking “so what’s up?” Severally! Also, on first dates I love to take a back seat and give him his first 15minutes of fame and observe a lot about him from what he will say (2 minutes is enough for me to do that tho but….).

4) Venue – I can judge a lot about him from the venue he picks. Because I lose my appetite when I am out, restaurants won’t be an ideal venue for a first date for me. But I will pardon if he chooses to eat tho…but it has to be classy! No KFC, TFC, SFC, Iya Ibadan etc…But, I would prefer he is creative on the venue…penthouse, Boatcruise, a lawn-tennis duel etc anything but Food!

5) Simplicity — Despite the fact I sound crazy most of the time, I am just a simple down to earth chick! Simplicity is the key. Keep it simple but not “Tacky”. That is spanning through the points above…simple dressing ( not puting on a necklace n rings like omatta men in onitsha main market), simple conversations (don’t try to sound like a professor yet still don’t sound like a dummy) etc. simple as wearing a smile…they actually relax your date!

FYI…if everything works out perfectly on the first date…I shall reward him with a KISS! I am not greedy even the Bible recommends it!


My Top 5 requirements on a dat would, in no particular order, be

1. Mutual Attraction
This is most important for me… (I know I said in no particular order, but yeah, whareva!) If there are no feelings at stake, and it def has to be on both sides, then it’s not a date, we’re just friends hanging out. Doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic though, but it must be relationship-building (which is originally supposed to be the whole point of dates).

2. It has to be Just Us.
That might seem to go without saying but in my opinion, a date is meant to be relationship-building, and I obviously mean a romantic relationship. Three is no longer a date, a double-date is just four friends who also happen to be two couples hanging out together. Two is the number.

3. Money
Yup! Owo, Kudi, Ego, Mullah mehn! If it isn’t costing someone something, it ain’t a date. If one of y’all goes to check the other out at home or the office, y’all jus hanging out.

4. Other people
So This will sound weird. But i Love a date to be in The midst of people and we can just disappear in the crowd and just enjoy each other’s company without the risk of us being tempted to let things get out of hand. 😀

5. Vex money
I’ve come to associate this with smart, and in some cases, even considerate women. A good woman would look out for her man, even if he’s got it all sorted out. Asking to pay for one thing or the other (Ask o! No be by force, ms Independent!) sends him (usually) very good vibes about you. Plus a correct guy would (politely) turn you down. And there’s nothing wrong with a dude accepting either, if he really needs the assist (abeg troway that stupid pride jarey), as long as he’s shown previously and consistently that on a good day, he can represent.

Interesting right.

Now tell us what your own important points are?

Don’t just agree with any of the people above, do share your own.

Remember Just 5 things that are important to you.

Share your own Preferences in the comment box.

Tomorrow, Normal lectures will resume on date days at 9am.

Till then