The Red Lipstick (Finale)

Today @deolaaa and I will be wrapping up this ‘The Red Lipstick’ series. It came as a spin off from datedays and we just explored the love life of two close friends as they faced challenges and battled odds in their pursuit of Happiness.

If this is your first time here, please read Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3 and Episode 4 to catch up on what has happened thus far.


The days flew by faster than Tolu and Reni’s friendship. Conscious efforts were made by both parties to avoid speaking about the proposal or even the forthcoming wedding; Reni spent more time with Diran, while Tolu, the angry birds.

She knew she was the unstable and flippant one but Tolu’s conviction was strongly against Diran. So strong that she could not even pretend to be happy for her friend of almost ten years. Something did not feel right about all this and she knew this was beyond the fact that they dated for just five months. She didn’t want to be the proverbial carrier of doom, so she decided she would act, instead of speak. She decided to speak to someone Reni still trusted. Someone both of them trusted and loved. A name that came to her mind was MUYIWA.

Two and half months to the wedding, Tolu reluctantly called up her ex to ask for Muyiwa’s new contact information. Segun was the last person she wanted to talk to but the determination to put the “wedding” right superseded her pride.

Segun requested to know why she wanted the information and wasn’t particularly excited to send them but after she pulled what she tagged as “ex strings”, she got what she needed.

Reni continued to plan her wedding.

Tolu continued her plan to crash the wedding.

Tolu was very surprised to learn that Muyiwa was back in the country. She was even more surprised when she realized he had been in contact with Reni and she didn’t know about it.

“You guys have really fallen apart”, he told Tolu on their first meet, “she even told me she was getting married”

“Yes! And to THAT her ex”, Tolu snapped, she couldn’t hide the disdain in her voice.

“So what have you guys been discussing?”, she inquired.

“Oh…well…the usual…just the usual…”

“What do you mean the….?”

Muyiwa interrupted her question.

“You know I came home because I thought if I pushed harder, I would still have a chance with Reni. I know I ended things rapidly but I didn’t know she would want to get married as soon as that”, he ranted.

“I’ve wished her all the best”.

She left the meet with mixed feelings: she was glad Muyiwa was back, but sad there was very little both of them could do about Reni.

Maybe I should just fall into the wedding plans and hope for the best for them, she thought to herself on her way home.


“So, how’s the wedding plan going?”, Tolu asked Reni while she was counting money.

She paused.

“What did you say?”

“I said how is…”

“No…no…I heard you. I’m just surprised.”

“Don’t be”, Tolu made way to her friend’s bed, “I’m so sorry I’ve not been involved all this while. My heart just couldn’t handle it”

“You are getting married and I feel you don’t even know who you are getting married to”, she continued, “even if I want to lose my bestie to a guy, It should at least be someone I get along with”

“You are not losing me Tolu and to be honest, I’m really scared too. This is a very huge step. What if I’m making a mistake”

“It is OK!”, she gently patted Reni’s back.

In the little time, they settled into discussing the wedding plans and aso-ebi. That was the thing with them: all they had to do was talk through their issues with each other and everything seemed perfect again.

“How is Muyiwa sef?”, Tolu asked as casually as she could.

“He should be OK” was Reni’s simple answer.


A month to the wedding, Tolu and Reni went for the final fitting of the bride’s dress.

Reni’s phone rang and she signalled to Tolu to take the call for her.

“Its Diran’s sister”, Tolu mouthed.

“Talk to her”

The voice at the other end was that of a perplexed woman.

“Where are you?”, she inquired.

“Beautiful Brides Fashion House”, Tolu replied.

She quietly walked away from Reni at the insistence of Diran’s sister to continue the call outside.

When she returned to Reni, Tolu couldn’t stop crying.

“What is it Tolu?”, Reni asked, worried.

Tolu took her outside and said “Diran is dead”.

She didn’t expect the thunderous slap that greeted her cheek. The slap had a blinding effect on her and when she finally regained her focus, Reni had started the engine and drove away.

She was still in her wedding dress.

Tolu sat down and sobbed.

“This can’t be Real” she mumbled to herself.


The birds were chirping away, the trees were swaying to the tunes of the wind. And there Reni was, oblivious to what was going on around her.

She wished the ground would open up and swallow her.

Rather, she stood over that spot, where the ground had opened up and taken a part of her already and he was somewhere 6ft below where she was.

Today was to be her wedding day but here she was visiting the grave of her spouse, her lover, her friend, her husband.

It had been 4weeks already and she still blamed herself for his death. Unanswered “what if’s”. What if she had not told him to come back from Abuja as quickly as possible because she wanted to show him the color of the reception hall? What if she had not met him at all? What if she had listened to Tolu? What if he hadn’t switched flights maybe he’d still be alive.

She was still shedding tears when she felt an arm over her shoulder, the arms felt familiar. She turned and saw Muyiwa standing before her looking all dapper.

He hugged and her and said Tolu had told him that she’ll most likely be here.
“Let me take you home”, he said.

The drive home was mostly silent. The air thick with sadness. Eventually, Muyiwa breaks the silence. “I have something for you in the glove box.” He pauses as Reni opens the glove box and pulls out a MaryKay gift set.

“Do you know what attracted me to you the first time we met?”

She slowly shook her head as she opened the oval box to reveal the cosmetics elaborately placed around the box. In the middle, was a ravishing red lipstick.

“Well, it was the red lipstick on you that night. Even though you usually don’t wear it, it fit you well. I want you to have this. Please wear this & put on your happy face, Reni”

“Okay” Reni fought back tears as she applied the lipstick. And, somehow, it did make her feel better. She smiled as she turned to face Muyiwa, inexpressible emotions welled up in her heart.

“I’m going back to Switzerland. Promise me you would take care of yourself”

“I will” she replied softly as they stared at each other. No words needed to be spoken.

Reni saw his eyes widen, heard him scream. She felt the car swerve violently. Heard the horns blaring around them as if from somewhere distant. The screeching tires. And finally, she saw the truck try and fail to avoid them.

He could hear the sound of the television and the footsteps of people as his eyes gradually opened.

The streams of sunlight gradually lit up his eyes and the first thing he laid his upon was Tolu who was asleep on the chair besides him.

“Tolu…..Tolu”, he called in his very faint voice.

She turned only to smile to see Him with his eyes searching around the room. She knew it meant only one thing, he was looking for Reni.

He looked at her eyes and could also see that she was trying to see pain and anguish as well but he didn’t want to believe.

And without saying a word, she walked up to him and shook her head and confirmed his fears that his Reni was gone.

She hugged Him and told him she would be there for him.

And he subconsciously knew she meant every word of her action and she felt very comfortable in his arms.

*************THE END***************

The Red Lipstick

Hello. Welcome to the Red Lipstick Series. Following the rather interesting love lives of two friends Reni and Tolu.
If you are here for the first time please catch up on Episode 1 , Episode 2 and Episode 3 to fully understand the story.

It is jointly written by @deolaaa and myself. This is Episode 4. Enjoy.

“Reni, this thing don dey pass revenge oh”, Tolu said jokingly as she paused her angry birds game on her laptop to look at her friend in front of the mirror.

“No, it’s not”, Reni replied working her fingers through her curly weave, “trust me, it is not”

“But its the fifth month now. Even a tortoise that is slow doesn’t need that long to plan a revenge”

Reni’s fingers got stuck in the weave. It had really been 5 months. 5 months…5 menstrual cycles…5 fingers in the weave, thoughts played in her head.

“It is nothing Tolu”, she said unconvincingly.

Tolu did not say anything. She had nothing to say.

She was the miserable one. At least, Reni had a guy that still called her every morning and checked up on her when she was sick.

She had nobody!

It felt like she was being punished for cheating on Segun. Her punishment came in the form of the guys she had been meeting lately. It had been almost 7 months after her relationship ended with Segun and she still hadn’t met any guy she could even be friends with, not to talk of date.

The one she recently met and thought they had chemistry, called her some days back to borrow him money. They had not even gone on their first date and he asked her for money!

“This is the worst boy-meet-girl moment of my life”, she had told Reni.

Tolu was starting to get jealous of her best friend. Reni was so stuck in her revenge that she barely had time for their normal gist again.

“Revenge”, Tolu said to herself as she hoped it was still that because it was only Reni who couldn’t see that this was getting a bit more than vengeance.

Reni was not her. She didn’t have an evil bone. It was easy for Reni to get carried away. She would have been able to execute the vengeance perfectly but Reni was just…Reni.

Diran was taking too much of her bestie’s time and she wanted it to stop. For herself, for their friendship and for Reni.

Reni had one last look at the mirror, pouted for good measure, picked up her bag and said goodbye.

She was gone again. Tolu resumed her game. That was all she ever did- pause and resume games, and when she was tired, she slept off.

Reni knew she still had her game intact though there were sometimes when she doubted this fact herself. Sometimes when she had to remind herself of her mission.

She could have ended the relationship the first time she noticed Diran was getting serious with her. The first time he told her he didn’t want to ever lose her again, but she stayed. She wanted to wait little more till he got more serious so her revenge would be more painful.

The only snag was that part of her liked the new Diran and if not for Tolu’s constant line of “once a cheat, always a cheat”, Reni might have just allowed herself fall totally again for Diran. He was being the perfect boyfriend now and Reni knew she might just be too weak to carry out the revenge.

Diran just got back from Yola and he planned a dinner date. It was one of their numerous dates since their relationship started. Reni spotted Diran chatting with their porter. He looked breathtakingly handsome and she had missed him.

“You look good”, Diran told her as soon as she saw her, pulling her close for a side hug.

He smelled good too. What else did she want?

Diran made sure they had a dinner date at least once every week whenever he was in town and Reni enjoyed every bit of the date. She enjoyed it better when they were in his house, just cuddled up.

While Diran and Reni were eating, she received Tolu’s bbm message. It read “I feel neglected. You have not had my time since Diran. I know you’re happy but I miss hanging out with you and our long gists into the night. Anyway I just want to warn you about him. Don’t get your heart into it. That is all, love T XoXo”.

Diran noticed her change in mood almost immediately.

“Reni, are you OK?”

She quickly nodded and smiled.

It was the most fake smile he had seen on her lips.

Diran let it pass.

Meanwhile back home, Tolu got a text from Segun; “Hey tolu, how are you? Just saw your number and decided to say hello. Hope you’re good? I actually missed you. Take care of you. S”.

She pondered on a reply for minutes and knowing well that she still didn’t understand his reason for checking up on her, she typed “hi segun, I’m doing absolutely great. Hope you are good too? Bye Tolu”.

She lied.

She most definitely wasn’t “absolutely great”. She needed her friend now and she was out with a man she shouldn’t be with. She didn’t even respond to her earlier bbm message despite the ‘D’ turning to ‘R’.

She dozed off while playing her game.

She knew not to expect Reni. She might or might not come home that night.

The familiar sound of the key in the lock woke her. She didn’t know how or what to feel. She turned on the bed and mumbled a silent welcome amidst yawns.

She planned to go back to sleep but the smell of the chinese food Reni brought with her was irresistible.

Reni didn’t need to tap her awake. She quickly sat in her bed to down the food, at least, she could say she enjoyed Diran’s food.

She once jokingly told Reni that she knew Diran was trying to buy her likeness with food.

Reni just smiled. She smiled because Diran was actually not bothered about her best friend. They had never been friends, even when they first dated.

While munching her chicken, she caught Reni smiling at herself. The kind of smile she had on when something exciting happened to her.

“What’s the news oh?”, Tolu asked with her mouth full.

Reni beckoned on her to come closer and she stretched forth her hands to her and showed her a beautiful diamond ring.

“Diran proposed and I said YES”, she squealed.

The chicken tasted bland. Tolu’s oesophageal muscles glued shut. She couldn’t swallow. She needed to catch her breath.

“Its…its just…5…months. Are…you…mad?…” She managed to say while choking. She felt her vomits in her mouth.

She ran outside. She needed oxygen.

With her hand still hung, Reni burst into tears.

Things would never be the same again.

What happens next? Your guess is as good as mine.

But what will you do if you were in Reni or Tolu’s shoes?

Share your thoughts with us using to comment box.

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The Red Lipstick

Thanks for stopping by. This is ‘The Red Lipstick’ series that has been following the life of two close friends as they find love and all its accompanying drama. Do read Episode 1 and Episode 2 to catch up on the story so far.

It is written by @deolaaa and myself.
This is Episode 3. Enjoy.
Reni and Tolu both got back from the hospital and fell into the couch, tired and bemused.

It had been such a bewildering month for both of them and with the doctor confirming the pregnancy, they could finally plan on a next step.

“You have to tell segun”, Reni blurted out. “Since he is the father he has every right to know he has got his life in you before you do anything stupid”, she added.

“I have called him up a couple of times and he’s been ignoring me. There’s very little I can do to change his mind”, tolu responded.

“I’m really glad you have been by my side all this while and I feel bad for not listening to you at the onset of all this wahala” she added.

Deep down, Reni had more worrying issues, she had seen Muyiwa off to the airport 8days ago. They had made solemn promises to try as much as possible to keep their relationship and not to just blame ‘Long distance’ and then break-up.

Muyiwa seemed keen on this and said, “I have never met anyone like you and I would be stupid to let you go, I would do all I can to get you with me as soon as possible” along with some deep hugs and kisses as they bade each other goodbye. Reni believed him. Apart from the fact that he was a man of his words, she could see the sincerity in his eyes.

Eight days on and he had only sent a text saying “arrived safely, yet to settle, once I do, will call. Miss you R. XoXo”. She missed him, she was lonely, she yearned for his arms where she could just feel secure.

She had faith.

She needed tonnes of it. She had not been able to tell Tolu how Muyiwa’s being away affected her because of the pregnancy issue.

“RENI…..RENI…RENI..”, she finally snapped out of her trance to see her best friend shouting her name and handing her phone over to her.

It was ringing.

“Or are you cheating too? With a private number calling you?” Tolu said sarcastically with a semi-smile.

“Hello”, reni answered and as soon as the voice answered even tolu could feel the relief from reni all the way across the room. It was definitely Muyiwa.

He finally called.

Reni couldn’t sleep all night as she wondered what else could have gone wrong in the last couple of months.

Firstly, tolu aborted the baby. “If Segun won’t take the baby, and Deji is also a twat, why should I put myself through torture, for Nothing?”, she said. So she had followed her when the baby was 7weeks and they had it aborted.

The procedure was easy. Apart from the slight pain she felt when she walked, nothing gave her abortion away.

Reni was laying her bed one day when her phone rang. She was startled to see Segun as the caller.

He had not spoken to any of them since the incidence. Many thoughts raced through her mind. She picked the call and heard the familiar croaky “hello” at the other end.

After exchanging pleasantries, Segun said “I miss her and if she’s ready to just admit her wrongs and promises to do right by me and be honest with me, we can work things out”.

“Who?”, Reni asked foolishly.

That was an unnecessary question, she thought. But then, she was too surprised to think straight.

He laughed, getting the sarcastic tone of her question and just before he hung up, said “be kind enough to deliver my message”.

On another day, this would have been a welcome move but the whole pregnancy debacle had made things a bit difficult.

As soon as tolu got back, reni told her what segun had said and how he sounded sincere.

Tolu called him up and they decided to go have lunch and just chat. This time though, she was going to tell him EVERYTHING.

Meanwhile, Reni had been going through her own problems as well. The distance between her and muyiwa and his apparent lack of time to talk to her and be there for her had her going bunkers.

She was lonely.

She went to the supermarket that evening to get her pad and some chocolates that she had been craving all week. She suddenly felt a tap on her shoulder, turned round and in her amazement, she saw Diran, Her EX.

For all the pain he had put her through, she thought she’d be angry but alas, she was happy to see him and they chatted, had a few laughs and exchanged numbers and he promised to call her soon.

She went home, praying muyiwa will call her but as expected he didn’t and all week he sent one text.

“One flimsy text?!?”, she thought loudly to herself.

She was beginning to get tired of the situation and just at that point in time, her phone rang and it was Diran.

It had been 4 weeks since she and diran had been hanging out albeit intermittently. She felt bad every time they did as she couldn’t tell muyiwa, but his apparent disillusion made this an easy choice for her. She still loved muyiwa dearly and didn’t want to hurt him but she was bored and found diran a happy person she could chill with.

She had gotten over him.

Or so she thought until he dropped her off one night and in between their conversation he leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips. “I have a boyfriend, I cannot be doing this”, she said as dropped from his car with a faint goodbye.

Unfortunately, Muyiwa called that very night. She had barely come to terms with all the emotions ‘that’ kiss had her feeling and he sensed something was wrong. After a little while, she told him she kissed someone earlier and she was sorry but she couldn’t lie to him. He would have been pissed but her honesty toned that down and he ignored it and had a long chat with her, knowing his incommunicado had been partly to blame for her longing to be with someone.

As soon as the conversation ended, muyiwa could barely think properly. He loved reni so much and didn’t want her to feel guilty for something that he might be the cause off.

He pondered ALL NIGHT LONG.

Reni woke up the next morning and saw a text on her phone
“I love you way too much to see you hurting and lonely, cannot guarantee I would be able to always be there for you. I feel its best we move on and you find someone that will be there for you at ALL times. You remain my little sweetie. Xoxo”.

It was from Muyiwa.

She could have sworn she fainted and came back to life.

For one reason or the other, she just knew she didn’t want to have the relationship Back. She had to face the fact that long distance wasn’t working between them.

She cried for weeks and Tolu who was still recovering herself had to comfort her. They were both miserable.

Meanwhile tolu had gone to see segun and they had lunch and discussed the happenings of the last 5months.
She went on and on about how she only kissed the other guy and was sorry for all her mistakes, but she was also pained that it took him this long to finally talk to her.

“I feel like you never trusted me”, she said.

“I was really angry with you and wanted to clear my….” But before he could finish she interrupted and said “I got pregnant and I’m 100% certain it was yours”.

He wanted to smile but then the ‘was’ hit him and he asked “what happened to the baby?”

She said “I wasn’t sure what to do with it and since you never responded I had to abort it”.

He just stood up and walked out and didn’t say a word to her.

He had had enough. He couldn’t cope with this. It was too much.


So there they were, Lost, lonely, without men in their lives.

And they couldn’t blame anyone for it this time.

They only had themselves now.

“No more guys”, Tolu said as she pulled her friend’s cheek.

“Yes. No more”, Reni muttered, staring into space.

A few weeks later, she was over muyiwa, they still exchanged text messages every now and then and he even called but she knew she was ready to move on. She loved him but had to let him go.

And just then, diran popped into her head again and flashes of that night came back.

She had kissed him back that day, liked it but wouldn’t admit to herself until now.

He called for the 13th time and she didn’t pick up but her resolve couldn’t last any longer.

He had something about him she couldn’t refuse.

She ran a lot through her mind if he was worth going back to?

If she could deal with another heartbreak yet again?

I’ll break his heart this time around, she thought. It’s going to be really unserious and I’ll have my revenge for what he did to me the last time.

“I’ll go for it”, she told Tolu in a determined voice.
What do you do if you were in either Reni’s or Tolu’s shoes?

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The Red Lipstick

‘The Red Lipstick’ continues today. Its a story that looks into the life of two close female friends as they fall in love. Along with all the drama, intrigues and temptations that comes with that.
If you missed the first episode, do go here Episode 1 so as to follow the story properly.
It is jointly written by myself and @deolaaa. This is Episode 2.


It was over a game of “truth and dare” many weeks later that Reni told Muyiwa about her last relationship and the drama that ended it. Glasses of wine in hand, Michael Buble playing in the background, she gently narrated how the whole relationship fell apart while tracing out the lion’s eyes on the beautiful brown centre-piece where they we’re both seated.

The light from the home theatre reflected lazily on Reni’s eyes. Muyiwa could see the sadness in her eyes, even with the dim light. He moved closer to her on the floor where they were both seated.

“That’s all actually”, Reni said, blinking quickly to stop the tears welled up in her left eye from dropping.

Muyiwa stood up swiftly and pulled up his girlfriend.

“You look really beautiful and I’m never going to treat you bad”, he said softly into her ears.

It started as small pecks around the lips and graduated quickly to fast and hungry kisses. The kiss lasted the whole of Buble’s “Haven’t Met You Yet”.

She hugged him tightly and fell asleep in his arms. This was a place where she could forget all her worries.

And she had a tonne of those worries.

She started noticing the crack in Tolu and Segun’s relationship when one night after he had called to ask her if Tolu was in the hostel with her because he didn’t get through to her phone. She didn’t know her whereabouts as well.

This happened about two more times until she started to suspect her friend a lot until finally she was proven right.

“No”, she said as segun once again asked if she had heard from his girlfriend, and she swiftly promised to call him once she had more information.

Some hours after that, she saw her get down from an unknown car through their room’s window.

She would have passed it off as one of her newly-met friends but the time was 10:49pm and the pair had shared what looked more than a friendly hug.

She quietly went back to her bed and pretended to read a novel.

Few minutes later, Tolu stepped in and Reni without saying welcome said “Segun has been trying to call you”, with her eyes still fixed on the novel.

“Oh! I turned off my phone jare. His wahala is too much”, she replied, wishing she had lied and just said her battery was low.

Without any reaction to her statement & the novel in her hands, Reni waited patiently, stiffling yawns, for Tolu to explain herself. She didn’t want to pry.

She could sense Tolu wasn’t in the talking mood and laid her novel down beside her bed.

She wondered why Tolu decided not to talk about this particular guy. They always talked about guys. That is what they did. No secrets.

Both girls slept off without saying a word to each other.

Very early the following morning, Reni, no longer able to keep it within her, gently tapped Tolu awake.

“Tolu”, she called in her most quiet tone, “what is happening between you & Segun?”

“Nothing. Did he tell you anything?”, she asked quickly, while adjusting her ankara cover cloth.

Reni sensed the agitation in her voice. She let it rest. She already knew what was happening.

Tolu’s phone rang at this time and Reni reached for it from her own bed and handed it to her surprised friend.

“What were you doing with my phone?”,she questioned her before picking the call.

Reni silently said a short prayer, hoping this went well.

After the call, Reni calmly told her how she saw her with a guy who is not Segun the last night and how she had read the chat between her and a certain Deji when she got up to use the restroom in the midnight.

“So, you are now going through my phone abi”, Tolu’s voice was starting to go up at this point.

“That’s not the point here and calm down. We always go through each other’s phones without wahala so just tell me what you have to hide”, she replied, still calmly seated on the stool beside Tolu’s bed.

“It is none of your damn business and stop policing me, ok?”.

“Are you cheating on Segun? Tolu.”

“Shut up!!!!!!”, Tolu screamed like she didn’t want to hear the words.

“Just shut up ok?! I don’t know what you saw but its none of your damn business”, she continued screaming.

Her voice was loud enough to wake up the neigbouring room occupants at this point and Reni knew better than to say anything else to her. She just quietly walked to her bed and fetched out her “Daily Manna” and Bible from under her pillow.

“We better serve God with action and not just words”, Tolu hissed as she laid back in her bed, covering her whole self with her cover cloth.

The following days, there was an eerie silence between them. They exchanged only a polite good morning when any of them woke up and a forced welcome when any got back from an outing.

Several attempts Reni made at talking to her friend were futile. She saw the guy drop her every night. She went through the pain of receiving Segun’s IM’s and calls every time promising him “she’s just having a moment and would come around”.

This continued for three weeks until Reni walked in on Tolu crying one day. She quietly sat with her and held her hand. After she had calmed down, she explained all that had been happening to her friend, without her asking.

“Reni, I kissed him today…and …and…”, she said amidst sobs, “I cheated on Segun”.

Reni wasn’t surprised, at least, not with the bbm messages she read on her phone.

“Its OK”.

“No, its not OK. Segun saw us. Red-fucking-handed and he…he just drove off”, she broke down in fresh tears.

Reni was sure she heard her heart skip. She felt so sad. She was sad because she knew what Tolu and Segun had was special; Too special to be messed up this way.

“What are you going to do now?”, she managed to ask with her jaw still dropped.

“I don’t know. I feel like dying. I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t even like Deji again”, she said in a rush.

“He is proud. He is…he is just not Segun”, she continued.

“Then he shouldn’t matter anymore” Reni burst out, as she felt her warm tear touch the back of her hand.

Some more tears and “its OK’s” later, both girls decided Reni should call Segun for a meet-up.

“You have to tell me everything if I will help you”, Reni told her friend, emphasizing the “everything”.

“That’s all…nothing more..I swear”, she replied.

After several pleas that very night, Segun decided to meet with Reni during his lunch break the following day.

Reni’s already prepared speech was forgotten when the obviously bitter Segun expressed how disappointed he was in her for not telling him about all this with the way he used to call her to talk to Tolu for him.

“I didn’t know they had gone that far”, she said in her defence, “I just read…”

“But you knew they were seeing each other, didn’t you?”, he cut her mid-sentence abruptly.

“I don’t have anything to say to both of you”, he added as he made his way back to his office.

This was deja vu for Reni as that was not the first time she was blamed for Tolu’s lack of judgement.

Tolu was the more spontaneous one;the goat. She was the more responsible and gentle member of the duo; the sheep.

She was supposed to have shown some maturity.

She watched Segun walk into the rotating door.

She couldn’t blame him. She would be really upset too if she were in his shoes.

She felt total joy and relief when a week and half after the whole mess, she received an SMS from muyiwa and it read “Baby, I’ll be back in Lagos later this evening. Mr. O permitted me to leave early. Can’t wait to see you,kisses” ; joy because she would get to see her boyfriend after a week apart and relief because she could take a break from all the drama with Segun and Tolu.

The couple were still not speaking. Tolu cried all the time. Segun did not pick her calls and anybody that made an attempt to talk to him for Tolu, was cut off. He was done.

Muyiwa came in to the nice smell of fish stew in his apartment, Reni had used her spare key and decided to make it a surprise for him. She ran into his arms and they shared a passionate kiss, something they had both missed.

She told him how she couldn’t wait to give him a low-down of all that had happened over the past week after he was done with his bath and food.

She heard the hiss of the gas as the boiling rice water fell onto the burner. She quickly made her way to the kitchen but Muyiwa pulled her back and kissed her more hungrily than before.

“I never want to lose you Reni”, he said, looking into her eyes with his lips still on her mouth.

“Are you ok dear?”, she questioned.

The gas hissed one more time and she detached herself from him to tend to the food.

After shower and food, he told her about his trip and how his plane was filled with a whole lot of old people.

“I thought about you throughout. No eye candy at all”

They both laughed.

Reni gisted him about the whole Tolu-Segun debacle.

“They will both come around”, he simply said.

They both settled on the couch and again she found his ever so comforting arms as they sat to watch a romantic movie, but Reni could sense his distance from the movie and she promptly hit pause on the PVR remote control and snuggled up to him.

“Baby, what is going on?”, she asked.

Muyiwa grabbed her to kiss her again.

“I have missed you”, he said.

Reni resisted and told him he had to tell her what was really going on.

He sighed.

“I applied for a job a few months back and I just received a mail yesterday, saying I got the job”, he said unexcitedly.

“Yayyyy”, Reni chimed, “that’s a good thing right? I mean its a good offer, isn’t it?”. She was giddy with excitement.

“Well, except there is a “but’. Is there a ‘but”?”, she asked, with her teeth clenched and her eyebrows raised.

“Its in Sweden and I leave in four days”, Muyiwa replied.

Her lower jaw dropped. She was visibly surprised.

“We’ll work it out”, she said quietly, faking a smile.

Hours later, she got home and wanted to tell Tolu every single thing that happened earlier and just figure out a next move.

She rushed to the bathroom to empty her filled bladder and almost knocked Tolu out of the way. She was crying again.

She sighed and after she was done easing herself, she went to meet Tolu and hugged her.

“Segun will come around. He loves you”, she consloed her friend, “in fact, I think we should go to the new bar and get some drinks. You’ve not gone out in 2 weeks”.

Tolu’s sobs became stronger. Her body trembled against Reni’s body.

It was the kind she cried when Segun first told her he was done. Somehow, along the way, the cries had gotten subtler.

Something new had to be up, Reni thought to herself. They read each other like books.

“What is wrong?”, she asked, still hugging her.

“I’m pregnant Reni”.

Her shiny eyes told her she was not joking.

What can you draw from this story?

What will you do if you were in the shoes of any of the characters and can you identify with any of the characters?

Use the comment box and speak your mind.


See you next wednesday.

The Red Lipstick

Hello once again. Its nice to finally grace my blog again with a post. I intentionally took a break after the dating series to recharge my batteries and work on a few blogposts as well.

Today we start a new series by myself and @deolaaa following the intrigues of a girl who goes on a blind date and falls for the date and thus begins a romance that’s comes with twists, turns, suspense and hopefully a happy ending.

I give you, The Red Lipstick Enjoy!

“I can’t wear this red lipstick, Tolu. I mean it is not even my date”, she said, stressing the ‘my’, as she made for the box of Rose tissues inside her wardrobe & started to clean her lips.

Tolu just sighed. She sighed because she was tired of trying to convince Reni that although the date wasn’t hers in the first place, she had now been included & didn’t need to feel like a third leg.

“Is this pink better?”, Reni asked, pouting her lips in Tolu’s direction, “I think it is beautiful and not too loud”, she added.

“Well, its OK!. Can we please leave now? They’ve been waiting for the past 10 minutes”, she replied, trying as much as possible not to sound irritated.

“OK! One last thing, biko, hope my dress isn’t too revealing? I don’t want one guy staring at my boobs all night”

“No Reni! He is a nice guy. Although I haven’t met him, Segun said he is his good friend and he is quite decent”

That was the third time Tolu would say those exact words to Reni and she always got the same reaction – a yimu.

Tolu & Reni had been best friends since secondary school & they also shared the same room in University. Their friendship waxed stronger as they went through thick and thin together.

Tolu met Segun the same day Reni caught her boyfriend pants down with his bestfriend’s girlfriend.

She had gone to buy sharwarma for herself and reni, knowing she would be back anytime soon.

“Can I pay for that?”, a voice asked.

Tolu turned to look at the guy with the cutest voice she had heard since her first crush- her secondary school English teacher.

She declined the offer but gave him her number after he had asked politely, while she blushed on the inside, like a teenager on her first date.

Segun was his name.

She strolled into their room, humming the chorus of Brick & Lace’s Love is Wicked, and met Reni sniffing with her face in her pillow.

Hiding her excitement perfectly, she listened to her bestie’s heart-breaking story of how her boyfriend, Diran, had confessed to her that he had been sleeping with the girl constantly for the past 3 months.

“The annoying thing is that I told Diran just 3 days ago that the girl was overly nice to me when we met at the faculty”, she mumbled amidst sobs.

“We joked about it. I was a fool, a big fool Tolu”, she added, slumping into her friend’s lap.

Tolu’s throat was dry. She didn’t know how to console her friend. She immediately wishe d she had told Reni about the time she saw Diran and the girl together at the school car park.

Maybe that would have made a difference. She thought to herself.

“Reni?”, she called her name while patting her back gently, “I’m really sorry”.

The statement was filled with pity and regret.

One week and numerous boxes of tissues later, Reni finally smiled. She also made up her mind to break up with Diran, thus ending 5 months of dating.

When Segun finally invited Tolu for a date, she agreed but asked if they could have a 2-way date so her bestie would “meet a new guy” from his pool of friends.

Segun agreed to hook her up with his good friend that had been single for a long time- Muyiwa.

“He’s just a distraction jor”, Tolu told Reni the 1st time she informed her about the 2-way date.

The drive to La Chateau restaurant was very eventful. They discussed topics that ranged from weird names people give their restaurants and reasons behind it to the causes of natural disasters. Muyiwa, being a Geologist, took them through a simple explanation of how earthquakes and Tsunamis occur.

Reni was both impressed and captivated by him; his lips movements & gestures did not get unnoticed by her.

One time, when Segun drove through a bend, she even allowed her body brush Muyiwa’s, while she chuckled and tried to get her weave stuck to her lips off her face.

At the restaurant, Muyiwa brought up the idea of each ordering a different meal from the other and then, everybody would have a taste of each meal.

All seated at the table, between long hmmmmm’s when a meal tasted good and a straight face when it tasted strange and laughs, they looked like a group of happy couples from a scene of “How I met your mother”.

Tolu kept side-eyeing Reni and was very happy she was getting along with Muyiwa; the first sign being holding each other’s hands when the newly-introduced “couple” strolled to the cinema after the meal.
She wasn’t surprised when she saw her friend rest her head on her date’s shoulder in the theatre.

So much for “I’m just going to eat while you and Segun do your thing”, she thought to herself happily.

“They sure are getting along”, Segun said while reaching for Reni’s hand.

She nodded affirmatively.

A comfortable silence swept the car on their way home. Segun and Tolu sat infront while Reni rested her head on Muyiwa’s shoulder on the back seat. She soon drifted to sleep and jerked away when there was a gallop. Muyiwa patted her to sleep, stroking her bare arms.

They both saw the girls to their door. Muyiwa and Reni exchanged phone numbers and while Segun kissed Tolu on the lips to say goodnight, the second couple exchanged a long, passionate hug. It was obvious both wanted more but just held out. They felt the fire building up inside them.

A few weeks, various long chats into the night, many unplanned brunches later, Reni started to warm up to muyiwa’s mien.

She was sure she liked him and the feeling was mutual but memories of how her ex had treated her made her have second thoughts.

She couldn’t confide in tolu as she had conflicting interests with segun in the picture.

After more wrangling with her mind she finally agreed to date muyiwa and promptly called him to tell him.

He was ecstatic as well.

She was hesitant but knew the plunge was a necessary step if she was to have any closure from Diran.

“YES!”, Tolu screamed with a fist pump when she received the news, “we are dating friends”, she flipped her hair and winked.

Reni laughed heartily.

She added one more blackberry messenger lovestruck emoticon to the “I MISS YOU ALREADY” she had already typed & hit the enter key.
Have you ever had your spouse confess infidelity to you?

How did you handle it?

What do you do in the aftermath?

Have you gone on blind dates before?
Know someone who has?
Do they work?

Can you see yourself in any of the characters?

Use the comment box and share an opinion with us.

P.S. This series will come up every wednesday till it rounds up.