Girls’ Talk

@bule_jr: Well, the success of date days always meant many surprises and non-scripted things will happen.
My friend gave me a vivid description of how girls act after a first date which is a continuation of the post this morning. I decided to share with you all too.


I look down at my phone and hiss as I see who is calling; can’t this dude just take a hint and leave me the hell alone? I’ve been ignoring his calls all morning and he keeps calling me. I push the phone to one corner of my bed and turn back to my friends sitting in different positions on the carpet in my room.

Funke: you’ve been ignoring this call all morning, who is it? A new stalker?

Ada: I bet it’s a guy you’ve given green light and now you’re dodging, you better answer your phone.

I think for a minute before I say anything because even though these are my best friends, we had never really supported blind dates and they would so laugh at me when they find out how the date went. But I’m dying to tell someone and let out all the anger inside me so I start my story.

I tell them how a guy in my office hooked me up with his friend and how we hadn’t even been chatting that much on bbm because we were so busy with work. So he asked if I wanted to meet up and talk one on one so we can get to know each other.

Funke: na wa for you oh and you couldn’t even tell us.

Ada: wait jor, let her finish the story

I can’t believe he actually kept me waiting that long; 2 hours….2 freaking hours! Who does that? At first waiting was cool because I saw an old secondary school mate at the mall waiting to see a movie, so we started catching up but then when she went in for her movie I looked at my watch and realized more than an hour had gone by. Plus I’m starving, where the hell is this dude?

Me: Babes I will never forget the dark cloud that passed over me when I finally saw him in person, the dude said he was average height, average my ass, my friend you are short! SHORT!

Ada: Forget the height, was he cute?

Me: Yeah he was definitely cute, nice eyes, nice hair and a very charming smile.

Funke: why do I sense a “but” coming?

Me: Probably because he dint even have the nerve to apologize for being late. This dude actually looked at me smiled and said you have very sexy legs. What happened to “you look very nice” or “you look very pretty”?

Ada: *laughing* next time u won’t wear a short dress on a first date, since u started It by flaunting your legs, he completed it by telling u how sexy they are.

Me: After we ordered drinks, I started the conversation by asking him to tell me more about himself while looking at the food menu. If this dude was 5ft 4inches in physical height, his pride and ego definitely gave him 12 extra inches.

He talked about how he’s the only child and how his father is the something something of some governor of some state; he lived abroad for about 8 years and came home to work because his mother kept begging him to come back. He is still trying to adjust to the weather in Nigeria even though! He’s been back for almost 3years.

Babes I have no idea how the topic got to how his ex girlfriends stalk him and want him back at all cost? I must have dozed off at some point.

By now Funke and Ada were rolling with laughter while I’m trying not to get angry at them, if the story had been someone else’s experience, I would be laughing my ass off as well.

Funke: At least you got to eat free food right? I mean you guys were in Bella Roma and the food there is wonderful.

Me: I wish! After staring at the menu for a long time, I noticed that he wasn’t making any attempt to order anything. So I decided to fall my own hand and say, it’s getting late we should probably order before it gets late. He said “Oh I had a big lunch with some of my friends at southern sun so I’m good but you can order whatever you want”

At this point Ada was laughing so hard she had tears running down her face. Funke on the other hand had a shocked look on her face for about 2 seconds before she burst out laughing as well.

Me: I mean did he really expect me to order while he watches me eat and probably curses me in his mind? The dude is so wrapped up in tales about himself that he doesn’t even notice that I’m looking at my watch like every 2 minutes. I thought it was girls who talked too much?

Ada: Please tell me he at least dropped you at home in his nice car

Me: That was the plan at first but I refused oh. I thank God I carried vex money because if I had to listen to any more of his stories in the car on the way home, I’d have pulled my hair out in agony. The silly boy did not even refuse when I offered to take a cab to relieve him of the traffic on the way to my house.

Ada: So I’m guessing you are not planning to give him a second chance?

Me: Hell no!!! I never want to see him again, infact no more blind dates for me

Funke: Well look on the bright side, if you ever need to commit suicide, you can jump from his the height of his ego to his physical height.

We all burst out laughing as I threw a pillow at her head…..

Anyway this was just an extra piece to add to date days and is a vivid description of how girls react to bad dates.

Yes they chat with friends and Gossip a bit.

Ladies why is this so? Must every experience be delved into by your friends?

Guys beware oh, your matter will be heavily analyzed if you screw up and if you do good as well. Don’t be fooled.

Happy and sad to say that datedays will be ending tomorrow with 2(possibly 3 posts).

Glad to have had you all for the ride.

See you at 9am tomorrow.



24 responses to “Girls’ Talk

  1. Was this a real story? I mean, are there really girls that would wait 2 hours without a call from the guy to say he was coming? I mean, sigh. Is this real? Let us know.

  2. This was hilarious. It doesn’t even have to be a formal date, before we go all gossipy. When the guy is just wrong, we just have to share the burden with buddies. Its too much to bear, and u know how fragile we are. *yimu* Nice post, nicely worded.

  3. Sigh!!! As funny as this is, there are a lot of guys like this. There are somethings we just have to share. Keeps us in check. Sometimes we know what to do and we already make our decisions but we still need to hear it from others (friends). Guys talk too. Only difference is they aren’t as detailed.

  4. smh Anybody wey dey yap pesin lyk dis, I go follow join. Even if na my padi sef…. De bobo too mumu, abeg. E nor even try, at all at all….

    Plus I bet this is really inspiring to that niccur, Terdoh *smh*

  5. right now, I’m not interested in his mess-ups… Must ladies always talk??? Even what they do in bed is subject to discussions and the intense scrutiny of their friends! Unfortunately, we can’t do without them

  6. Is reliving such experiences really restricted to ladies? I doubt that.
    After that experience?? Ah! I have to tell the girls now! What’s life without humor! The guy is a LASSMAN!
    “if you ever need to commit suicide, you can jump from the height of his ego to his physical height” *now saving to notepad* 😀 CLASSIC!!!!!

  7. Lol @ post. That’s almost my story…a very terrible date I went on. I think its something with short men and their syndrome (Short Man Syndrome), their desperate need to impress people & so, their ego unconsciously over-grows them. Mine was actually short & bow-legged, yes! It was a blind date. Anyway, I met a cute guy while waiting for him & he walked the guy away before we could even exchange numbers (I still dream about him :'().
    My best frd met an albino!!!!! Her elder sis hooked her up & didn’t give her a heads-up intentionally. There’s nothing wrong with albinism (yimu) but one should not be rudely shocked like meeting one on a blind date. She still hasn’t recovered from this; she can’t go on a blind date for a million dollars.

  8. LOL…Very funny story, the guy is an ASS!
    The post clearly shows/describes how girls gist their friends…guilty -_-!!

    Short men and their need-to-show- myself attitude and over bloated ego tho……VERY ANNOYING!!

  9. Well there are many douchebags out there. I had a guy who set up a date and did not call to confirm or cancel and i didn’t wanna call so i wont look desperate. anyway i think i sent him a text or something and the mumu said ‘oh, i have to do something for my dad’. im like ok.

    Funny enough we ended up being (sort of) friends and i realized being a douchebag comes easy to some people its like a default setting. same thing happened some months later when we were just supposed to grab fast food lunch or something. He called me the day before, the next day he didn’t call before noon and i didn’t even bother, called me 2days after to say hi.

    Nice post. Girl gossip is totally cool, we have so much to deal with we gotta share, LOL!!!

  10. Hahahahaha *rolling “…if you ever need to commit suicide, you can jump from the height of his ego to his physical height…” Guys gossip too jor, modernism is bring about a change in somany things. Lie dat u havnt chatted 2 ur guy what a babe he introduced u 2, who u went on a date with was like. But I shall neva eva go on a blind date eva again. NEVER!!!

  11. lol @ miss Em, u sound like u’ve had a really bad experience, and i totally agree with oyinlola about some people being douchebags by default

  12. Nice story. The guy’s a twat jor. And d aNnoyin thn is that a lot of guys r like that nowadays. Hissss. M not one wd many gfs(I have jst 3sef) and if a guy messes up yup,u bet I’ll vent to ma girls-its d same tn I’ll do if he’s awesome…

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